Father to Daughter, Revised Edition

Life Lessons on Raising a Girl


By Harry H. Harrison, Jr.

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To Guide and Inspire.

Share her wonder. Dance with her always. Teach her to be courageous, fearless, confident in any situation. Anchored in values and filled with clear and simple words of wisdom, this small book speaks large truths about raising a daughter. About respect and trust. About unicorns and sports and boys. And about the joys and responsibilities that come with being the first man in her life. 



I was amazed and gratified by the response to my earlier book, Father to Son.

So many dads (and moms) of boys told me how much reading it meant to them. As an author, you treasure those moments.

But the most surprising thing was that dads of girls told me they read the book, too. I asked them, "Well, is raising a girl like raising a boy?" and mostly they'd smile and say, "No, it's another world."

And they'd ask why there wasn't a father book for them. With all the interest and sentiment devoted to the mother-daughter relationship, the relationship between fathers and daughters was often overlooked. But, of course, a strong, loving father is as important to a girl as he is to a boy.

So, spurred to action by several dear friends, I set out to interview dads of successful daughters. Their daughters are academic powerhouses, star athletes, talented artists, honors graduates, fearless missionaries, and successful entrepreneurs. These women embrace their roles as mothers and wives and breadwinners because of the way they were raised. These dads had obviously done an outstanding job. Their daughters are changing society. They had changed their dads.

All the men I interviewed shared one precept: that it was important to be involved in their daughters' lives.

This is really their book. I just wrote down what they said.


Raising a girl takes two parents:

A mom to show her how to be a woman.

A dad to encourage her to be fearless.

A dad's job is to make his daughter courageous. To make her feel beautiful. To give her a sense of adventure. To give her security and the confidence to handle any situation.

The relationship between a dad and a daughter is very simple: She will love her father and trust him completely, forever.

Because he's her first love. Her first hero. The first man in her life.

The Wonder Years

Realize from the beginning that even at one week old, she's a girl. So she's going to be just as charming, and just as mystifying, as every other girl you know. Being her dad will not change this.

Accept the fact that she will melt your heart anytime she chooses.

Take part in her life now. Don't wait until she's fifteen to try to develop a relationship.

She may look adorable, but be forewarned—her diaper is going to be just as challenging as any boy's.

When you get home from work, hold her as much as possible. This is for your benefit as much as hers.

Sing to her while you're rocking her. She'll love hearing your voice—and it's a great way to pass the time at 1 a.m.

Be sure to take a lot of photos of her now. She is changing every day.

Tell her from Day One that she can accomplish anything.

Let her sleep on your chest when she's a baby. This is when the world begins to make sense.

Yes, she's a girl. But her screams will be as loud as any baby boy's when she's hungry or tired or upset.

Make her part of your world—let her see you shave, work, read, and relax. She'll love spending time with you, no matter what you're doing. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Memorize her face. Her eyes. Her hands. She'll be memorizing everything about you.


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Harry H. Harrison, Jr.

Harry H. Harrison, Jr.

About the Author

Harry H. Harrison Jr. is a parenting expert and author of 1,001 Things It Means to Be a Dad and other 1,001 Things books from Thomas Nelson. For many years, he operated his own award-winning creative consultancy firm, Harrison Creative Directions. 

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