The Complete Guide to Preventing, Treating, and Coping with Memory Loss


By Gayatri Devi, MD

By Deborah Mitchell

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A leading Alzheimer’s expert presents a comprehensive program to help prevent and slow the progress of memory loss.

There are currently more than four million Americans afflicted with Alzheimer’s, and an estimated 14 million will have the disease by 2050. The good news is that everyone can make lifestyle changes to increase the odds that they will live well into old age with their mental faculties intact. Dr. Devi’s groundbreaking program can help prevent the disease from developing and slow memory loss in those already suffering from the illness. By taking an active role in the management of the disease and through a combination of medication, natural hormone therapies, mental exercises, cognitive rehabilitation, and nutritional and herbal supplements, it is possible to slow the effects of this debilitating condition and improve the quality of life.


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Gayatri Devi, MD

Gayatri Devi, MD

About the Author

Gayatri Devi, MD, MS, FACP, FAAN, is an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health and a Clinical Professor of Neurology at Downstate Medical Center. She is a board certified neurologist, with additional board certifications in Pain Medicine, Psychiatry, and Behavioral Neurology, and she served on the faculty of New York University’s School of Medicine as Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry until 2015. She is the author of over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of memory loss, as well as the books Estrogen, Memory and Menopause (Alphasigma Press, 2000), What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Alzheimer's Disease (Time Warner Books, 2004), and A Calm Brain (Dutton, 2012). She lives and practices in New York City.

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