Not on My Watch

How to Win the Fight for Family, Faith and Freedom


By Elizabeth Johnston

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The Activist Mommy, a social media sensation with over 70 million video views, leads the way for today’s Christians in the culture war.

News headlines point to a world that has gone stark-raving mad. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Religious liberty is under attack. Gender identity and fluidity is not only accepted but encouraged. Same-sex marriage is embraced by some churches. Deviant sexual practices are taught in schools. Hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted annually. “No more!” cries Elizabeth Johnston (aka The Activist Mommy), who has made Christian activism a calling for her life and her family. In Not on My Watch, Johnston courageously defends the timeless truths of God’s Word and inspires and encourages other Christians to unite in winning this war for our children, our morals, our freedom, and our culture.


To my ten amazing children, whose liberty is the reason I fight. Your innocence is my preoccupation and your future children’s liberty is my obsession. There would be no Activist Mommy and no Not on My Watch without you. I love all ten of you with my whole heart and thank you so much for all you’ve done and sacrificed to help your mommy fight for truth, freedom, and righteousness. Hopefully, you will have a much brighter future because of the work we as a family have done to push back the darkness.

To my mom and dad, for teaching me how to fight and persevere against all odds. I love you both!

To my pastor, Ante, who called out the “Deborah” in me in 2015. You saw in me something I was afraid to see: that God was about to rocket me out of my comfort zone for such a time as this. Some men are too prideful or intimidated to recognize a call on a woman’s life, but not you. Thank you so much for believing in me.

To my husband, my biggest cheerleader and helper in this life. Your constant encouragement and vision for greater accomplishments has helped me reach heights I never dreamed possible. Fear of failure would have snuffed out my work many times, but alas, I’m married to the consummate visionary, and you are always there rooting me on to take bigger risks. I thank you for that and love you so much. Thank you for the hours you put into this project. It would never have happened without you. We have made some waves and done some crazy things. There is no one I’d rather do crazy stuff with more than you.


The Left has been advancing and claiming more and more territory while we have attended church and been content to wait for Jesus to come back.

I’m a simple homeschooling mom who lives on a small farm with my hubby, ten kids, horses, chickens, cats, and a dog. For a year, I have used Scotch tape to rig my phone to the rearview mirror of my fifteen-passenger van (or bus, as people like to call it) while I rant about the social and moral issues that cause me as a mom and a conservative Christian grave concern. One thing has become clear since I began this journey as the Activist Mommy—God uses simple, willing vessels who can’t be bullied or bribed.

At times Facebook and Twitter have suspended my accounts, YouTube and Google have denied monetization of my pages, and numerous media outlets have written outrageous hit pieces about me and my family. Stories about the Left’s censorship of me have hit Fox and Friends, the New York Times, and beyond.

Why me? Well, to the CEOs at Google, Twitter, and Facebook, I’m a social and political heretic. And, even worse, I’ve shown them that they don’t intimidate me. I’ve learned how to run headfirst into difficult situations and trust God for the outcome. I’ve learned how to embrace controversy and use it to expose the intolerance, hypocrisy, and immorality of the Left. I’ve learned to laugh at their bigotry. (They haaaaaate being laughed at more than anything!) I’ve learned that personal opposition and character assassinations are simply stepping-stones to increase your reach and influence, if you will only stay the course and remain humble. Because I’ve learned to do the above, I am hated by the Left and celebrated by everyday citizens who don’t have a large platform to spread their ideas.

In only one year, my following on Facebook organically grew from seven thousand to half a million. Yes, all while scotch-taping my phone to the rearview mirror of my van, breastfeeding my babies, changing diapers, homeschooling ten kids, burning Teen Vogue magazines, launching a global movement to fight graphic sex ed, and shutting down sex-trafficking brothels. Quite an odd spread of activity there, wouldn’t you say? Desperate times deserve desperate measures.

It should be obvious that the world around us has gone stark raving mad. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Men are now allowed to be in girls’ locker rooms and restrooms and vice versa. Three thousand babies are killed every day in America through abortion,1 and our tax dollars are paying for Planned Parenthood execs to get rich off the blood money of those innocent babies. Drag queens who identify as alien killer clowns are reading books about gender identity to preschoolers during story hour in tax-subsidized libraries.2 Children in public schools are being taught Islamic prayers from the “peaceful” Muslim religion,3 but the Christian God and Christian holidays are deemed dangerous by many and are banned from the public schools. Yes, you heard that right. Muhammad is now peaceful and Jesus is dangerous. Somebody get me some duct tape before my head explodes!

Let’s get one thing straight: the reason we are in this mess is because Christians lack courage and have weak stomachs for controversy and confrontation. Granted, I’ve pretty much always been the kind of person who bucks the status quo, fights for the underdog, and pokes the tyrannical bear with a stick. You might say my personality is kind of built for battle. But I receive frequent messages from people who are gripped by fear that prevents them from speaking up at their jobs, their schools, their city council meetings, and even in the presence of their own family members.

Why are we so fearful, when we have no shortage in God’s Word of examples of courageous believers? Our heritage is chock-full of Christian heroes! Noah was likely ridiculed for 150 years as he obeyed God and built the ark. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego courageously defied their tyrannical king and were willing to be burned alive in order to remain faithful to their God. Daniel prayed with the windows wide open, publicly defying the king’s orders. It was as if Daniel was mocking the leaders with “Nah-nee-nah-nee-boo-boo! Come arrest me!” God defended him and promoted him for his public courage and resistance to an ungodly law. The Hebrew midwives defied orders and saved the little Jewish babies, risking their lives by disobeying Pharaoh’s decree. The apostles turned the world upside down and preached boldly when the authorities forbade them.4 These heroic individuals from God’s Word are more than ample examples to imitate, but few are doing so, and now we risk the threat of losing our freedoms.

In a culture that’s trying to silence Christians, how should we respond? How did Jesus respond when His enemies tried to silence Him and Pilate threatened to kill Him? Did He say, “Okay, I won’t rock the boat” or “I’ll go along to get along, lest I offend someone”? No, He said, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above” (John 19:11). We should respond with that same courage and confidence. We are the salt and light of the world! And the Bible says if we lose our saltiness we are good for nothing except to be trodden underfoot by men! (Matthew 5:13–14).

I believe we have a dearth in our nation of bold, unwavering Christians who are willing to address and take action on the burning social issues of the day that are destroying our souls, our families, and our country. I also believe God’s Word has the answer to all of these issues. So I began the Activist Mommy with the desire to apply what God’s Word says to the untouchable, politically incorrect issues of abortion, Islam, radical feminism, homosexuality, and the attack on the natural family.

Just look at some of the stories in the headlines these days:

• Not only are homosexuals forcing bakers to bake their same-sex-wedding cakes; now Satanists are attempting to force Christian bakers to bake their satanic cakes.5

• Schools with uniform requirements are changing to gender-free clothing so no one gets offended.6

• Another football coach was fired for praying with his students.7

• The Boston City Hall plaza will fly the gay pride flag, transgender flag, and flags of communist countries, but won’t fly the Christian flag!8

• Planned Parenthood was actually in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize Award.9 (Yes, you read that correctly!)

• Middle school students are being taught, at taxpayer expense, pornographic, gender-bending, sex education in public schools.

This is war! And if you’re waiting around for a quick little rapture fix to get you out of this mess, you are not a soldier in this battle. Pastor Wade Trimmer said this about the modern Christian church: “We’re the only team I’ve ever played on that preaches a victorious Christ and roots for the opposition (the anti-Christ) to win so that we can get off the field! After all, ‘The quicker they fry, the quicker we fly!’”10 Pssssh! He’s right. Think about it. For the last fifty years, the church has been throwing Super Bowl parties and playing Twister in youth group, while the Left has taken crucial battlefield after battlefield. Abortion. Same-sex marriage. Pornography. Education. Removing God from the public square. The Left has been advancing and claiming more and more territory while we have attended church and been content to wait for Jesus to come back. This is not the attitude or teaching of Scripture. Jesus said, “Occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13 KJV). He didn’t say, “Hide till I come” or “Hunker down till I come.”

What are you doing to occupy and build His kingdom till He returns? What would happen to our world if the eighty million evangelicals who are praying, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus” were at the abortion factories every day, praying and witnessing? I’ll tell you. Abortion would end. What if the eighty million evangelicals said we would boycott the internet until pornography is banned and obscenity laws are enforced? I guarantee you in a skinny minute, internet porn would be dealt a huge blow. Eighty million customers are a lot of customers! But we’re too busy entertaining ourselves on our phones and watching television to build God’s kingdom on the earth. We’re too busy arguing about whether we’re Calvinists or Armenians to unite and change things.

Have you ever noticed how soldiers on the front lines of a battle don’t have time for petty squabbles? They’re too busy rescuing the perishing for pettiness. If you’ve got time for pettiness, you need to enlist in the army. You need to get on the front lines. Before long you’ll have so many darts and bullets coming at you and bouncing off of you by God’s Spirit that you will care less about doctrinal divisions and petty differences.

We must unite if we want to win this war for our children, our morals, our freedom, and our culture. Do you want your kids to grow up in an America where the Bible is hate speech and you’re thrown in jail for preaching it? Canadians are already being placed in jail for preaching what the Bible says on homosexuality.11 If you just lie down and take it, what’s next? Do you want your kids to grow up in an America where our country’s leaders are open Muslims and where speaking against Islam is a hate crime? Our country is being transformed before our eyes by godless, Marxist social engineers whose idols are Alfred Kinsey, Barack Obama, and Saul Alinksy. Will you sit silent and let them succeed?

No! Not on my watch! My children and grandchildren will know I worked tirelessly to proclaim the gospel, push back the darkness, and keep our country free. Social Marxists are praying (hexing, voodooing, séancing, or whatever they do) that you don’t read this book, because it is a threat to their comfortable existence. In Not on My Watch, I will show you how to win against the Left’s attack on free speech, the Left’s obsession with the sexualization of children, and the Left’s attack on natural marriage.

I’m sick of losing to the Left. I’m grieved watching my country’s morality and founding principles get flushed down the toilet of political correctness and perversion. I’m done with sucking my thumb after the social Marxists win another Twitter boycott campaign or another million vagina hatters show up for a protest march. I am one simple mom who has gotten off the sidelines and seen some pretty incredible victories in two short, action-packed years. If God can use me to expose Teen Vogue, shut down sex brothels, and launch a global movement to end graphic, gender-bending sex ed, what could He do through each of us if we all engaged in the fight for life, liberty, and righteousness? With God all things are possible.

Who is ready to start winning?



Nothing frustrates me more than hearing Christians say, “We are supposed to just preach the gospel, not fight a culture war.” Grr! No, actually, no.

It was a day I will always remember. As the mother of nine homeschooled kids and six months pregnant with my tenth, I was facing laundry piled up as tall as my five-foot-three frame, stacks of papers to grade, two sinks full of dishes, and more bills piled on my desk than there was money in our always slender bank account. But something burned inside me I couldn’t ignore as I read the news that day.

I could identify with and understand the small, bold woman I watched on my computer screen, who was at that moment the talk of the nation.

I had been loosely following an unfolding conflict in Kentucky as Kim Davis, a county clerk, refused to sign a same-sex marriage license because of her biblical convictions. Her life was being dissected by every news organization in the nation. The sins of her past were being broadcast to the whole world. There was no sincere attempt by the media to understand her motive for not wanting to endorse same-sex marriage. She was ruthlessly mocked by the LGBT community. She was targeted with vulgar death threats,1 and even her church received bomb threats. Her friends and family, the ones she loved the most, were now in danger because of her principled stance. She had every reason to just throw in the towel and sign on the dotted rainbow line.

The same-sex couples who were walking into Kim’s office for a license could easily go to the neighboring county clerk for their marriage licenses, but they were activists and were targeting Kim, who refused to be bullied or bribed or threatened into bowing to their god of political correctness. They would not rest until every single Christian county clerk in America was bullied into defiling their conscience and signing same-sex marriage licenses.

I walked over to the refrigerator and got my toddler a sippy cup and changed the baby’s diaper. I sat back down before my laptop and clicked on a video being broadcast from a Kentucky news station. Kim Davis was behind the counter in her office, completely swarmed by cameras and reporters as two men angrily yelled at her and reporters bombarded her with questions. I was struck by how calm and soft-spoken, yet firm, she was while responding to these outsiders. When Kim told the same-sex couple she would not be issuing marriage licenses that day, the tension grew and the homosexual couple was indignant.

“Under whose authority are you refusing to issue us a marriage license?” the homosexual asked as the television cameras zoomed in.

Without missing a beat, Davis responded, “Under God’s authority.”2

That’s it! Those were the words I had been waiting to hear. I immediately said to my children, “Kids, pack your bags. We’re going to Kentucky.” I wasn’t about to let my children miss this opportunity to watch up close this bold woman of God take a stand for God and His Word.

Kim Davis knew what she had said was politically incorrect and that the nation would be watching. She didn’t care. She knew she had just infuriated the Left and would be ruthlessly targeted. She didn’t care. Her devotion for God outweighed the opinions of people. I decided nothing was stopping me from having my children participate in this heroic show down of faith.

“Under God’s authority.” That’s how God dynamited me out of my chair in my homeschool room in Ohio and onto the front lines of the culture war.


Never had I so clearly visualized the clear and present threat to my children and their future liberty, and I was prepared to do whatever little ol’ me could do to remove that threat.

I got on Facebook immediately and began to rally my friends. Thirty-five of us from several different states hastily packed and drove to Kentucky to arrive in time for the morning trial. We found hundreds of people standing outside the courthouse rallying around Kim and traditional marriage, as well as about forty people who came hoping to see a victory for the LGBT community. The sun beat down on us as we prayed and sang outside the courthouse, asking God to vindicate Kim and protect the religious liberty of Christians in America.

At the trial, the worst we expected was that Kim Davis would be demoted or lose her job. The thought of that infuriated us. Never in a million years did we suspect what was about to happen. Judge David Bunning decided to make a national statement and placed Kim in wrist and ankle shackles and threw her in jail, telling her she wasn’t getting out until she was willing to sign same-sex marriage licenses! I could not believe how far gone we were that we would let this federal judge overrule the will of the people of Kentucky and persecute this Christian clerk who was simply following Kentucky law and her religion.

I wanted to encourage Kim Davis so badly, so we went with our nine kids in tow and one in the belly ready to visit every local jail facility till we found her.

At our second stop, a van swiftly pulled up to the jail, and inside of it we saw a handcuffed Kim. “We love you, Kim! We’re praying for you, Kim! You’re not alone! You’re a hero!”

A Christian went to jail that day in America for simply acting like a Christian. I was shocked! How did we get here?

My husband had to go back to work in Ohio. As a physician, he had patients scheduled on Monday. I implored him, “Let us stay, honey. We can’t leave yet. Kim is in jail. There is still work to do here.” I knew I was pushing him out of his comfort zone. He is a family man and hates coming home to an empty house at the end of a hard day of work. But he saw the fire in my eyes, and he fanned it and let us stay.

The national media followed us everywhere. We sat down for continental breakfast beside CNN and MSNBC reporters. We bumped into New York media moguls in the elevator. Our small band of a few dozen believers gave them something to report as we fired up our campaign to get Kim out of jail. We were the boots on the ground. We created flyers and banners and networked with pastors, organized a rally, and handed out leaflets at their ball games. We flew speakers in from around the country. We worked hard to keep the story alive, while encouraging God’s people to rally around Kim and demanding the leftist judge to free Kim Davis.

Over 75 percent of Kentuckians had overwhelmingly voted against same-sex marriage. Federal courts cannot make laws, according to the U.S. Constitution, much less make laws that overrule the state constitutions. Kim Davis was obeying the law. Our rallying cry became, “Show us the law, or free Kim Davis!”

The most controversial thing we did was protest outside Judge Bunning’s house. And it worked! After days of protesting and holding a huge rally at the jail with ten thousand people in attendance, baking on the asphalt of the jail parking lot in blistering heat, we watched with amazement as Kim Davis walked out of that jail with a wide smile on her face and her hands uplifted in praise!

It was three of the most memorable and exciting weeks of my kids’ lives. They still recall that time in Kentucky with tremendous fondness. They will never forget what God did and how He used our feeble efforts to get our dear sister out of jail.


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Elizabeth Johnston, aka the Activist Mommy, is a speaker and vlogger who educates and inspires the public on the burning social and moral issues of the day that are important to families and patriots. She and her husband, Patrick, who is a medical doctor, author, and movie producer, have been pro-life minis­try leaders for many years and home educate their ten beautiful children.

Elizabeth daily triggers the Left by confronting the lies of abortion, feminism, Islam, and the homosexual agenda with wit and snark as only she can, and she regularly posts viral commentary videos, which have netted more than seventy million views. As a thought leader on topics of importance to families and faith, Elizabeth has been featured on many major media outlets, such as Fox & Friends, the New York Times, the Blaze, and Christian Broadcasting Network. The pulse behind all her activism and cultural commentary is her love for her family and her Savior, Jesus Christ. She and her family live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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