Seven Choices

Finding Daylight after Loss Shatters Your World


By Elizabeth Harper Neeld, PhD

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Inspiring, profound, intimate, and moving, this updated edition of the classic self-help book brings solace, hope, and advice to anyone who has suffered loss.

Everyone experiences grief, but few books offer real help with the debilitating emotions of bereavement. Now, an internationally respected authority on personal change maps the terrain between life as it was and life as it can be. Readers can move at their own pace through the seven distinct phases of loss and can work towards a stronger, more balanced self. The author’s own story of the loss of a young husband, combined with the tales of dozens of individuals, and the most recent research on coping with loss, helps readers to become happier, healthier, and wiser beings.


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Aug 1, 2003
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480 pages

Elizabeth Harper Neeld, PhD

About the Author

Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D., is a natioanlly respected authority on the subjects of personal and organizational change.

Dr. Neeld lives in Austin, Texas with her husband.

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