The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools

Essential Items for the Heart of Your Home, And How to Use Them


By Elinor Hutton

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The ultimate reference book for home cooks, seasoned chefs, and everyone in between, The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools guides readers through the history, practical uses, design features, and storage and maintenance requirements of each of the tools living in their kitchen cabinets.

Whether you’re a home cook pondering the difference between a cookie sheet and a baking pan (one of life’s great questions), or a professional chef wondering whether you should sharpen your knives with a whetstone, a honing rod, or an electric sharpener, The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools has the answers you’re looking for. Ranging from knives and spatulas, ladles and tongs, to Dutch ovens and crock pots, citrus reamers and zesters, The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools offers you a chance to reconsider all of the kitchen accessories you’ve accumulated over the years, as well as the opportunity to encounter some new tools for the first time.

With additional sidebars discussing a wide variety of topics including the history of elaborate table settings, the best types of cocktail strainers (yes, there’s more than one), the cleanliness of salt pigs, and the best ways to care for cast iron, The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools is the new, must-have reference bible for active cooks and armchair chefs alike.


  • "A resource that could perfectly hone a wedding registry or provide endless gift ideas for the home cook.... This well-designed and comprehensive resource organizes “like-minded tools into groups” including appliances, cookware, accessories, tableware, utensils, and gadgets. Each item is given a quick summary and illustration that answers what it is and how it is used." 
    Sarah Tansley, Booklist

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Elinor Hutton

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Elinor Hutton is a New York-based cookbook writer, and leading voice in the modern culinary arts.

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