Letting Go of Your Bananas

Letting Go of Your Bananas

How to Become More Successful by Getting Rid of Everything Rotten in Your Life

Everyone knows the fable of the monkey and the bananas – he couldn’t get his hand out of the jar because he was holding too many bananas, making his hand too bulky to remove from the narrow container.

Life, contends Dr. Daniel T. Drubin, is like that story, in that too often people grab as many “bananas” as they can, without realizing that many of them, in fact, are holding them back. Now Dr. Drubin offers a quick 12-step program designed to help you see which bananas in your life are expendable, and how to drop them. Such tips include:

– If you want to find gold, you’re going to have to lift some rocks.

– Always work on your “dash” of life – the only time between birth and death that you have control over.
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On Sale: May 30th 2009

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