Think Talk Create

Building Workplaces Fit For Humans

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How the discipline of powerful conversation can restore human judgment and values in a relentlessly bottom-line, technologically oriented world.

In a time of unusual stress-with a pandemic raging and economic insecurity and dislocation increasing-we need to rediscover the values that make us human, that give us a sense of meaning that can also increase our potential for productivity and success. What stands in the way, however, is a frenzied numbers-obsessed culture, the “scratch and claw” workplace, and organizations where the boss can literally be an algorithm-a culture where the humane treatment of human beings is a lost art.

Through moving stories and a modern use of the ancient framework of the Socratic dialogue called active inquiry, David Brendel and Ryan Stelzer show how to engage in the discipline of powerful conversation: how to think carefully about a challenge, engage peers in dialogue via open-ended questioning, and build a strategy collaboratively. This process cultivates trust and defines collective values. In turn, these “soft” attributes increase innovation and, ultimately, financial performance.

The inclination in a time of turmoil-both societal and financial-is to double-down: make the numbers at whatever cost, replace the people with bots. Brendel and Stelzer’s brilliant science-based counter-narrative vividly illustrates why this is not only the wrong approach, but certain to make the numbers even worse. They provide readers with a practical thought-provoking way forward, away from the abyss of a technological age gone haywire.

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Reader Reviews


"Brendel and Stelzer counter the dehumanization flourishing unchecked and entrenched in today's workplace. Their applied method of Active Inquiry - think, talk, create - actually works at fostering high performing individuals, teams, and organizations. It's the right approach right now."
Paul Zak Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management Claremont Graduate University
"I wish I had the Strategy of Mind approach available to me when I was starting Vanguard."
Jack Bogle Founder, Vanguard
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