This Road Sucks

And Other Street Signs We Really Need


By Dan Consiglio

By Brad DeMarea

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Put On Your Hazards and Read This

The very safety of our drivers is at stake. Our countries’ drivers have grown restless behind the wheel — they’ve mastered texting, one knee driving, and can eat enormous burritos while navigating a dicey pass on a two-lane highway. Our current system of street signs is woefully out of touch and in danger of becoming completely irrelevant. What does merge mean to a college kid hauling ass in a Mustang, sexting his girlfriend while downing a Big Gulp? We need street signs that relate to the current driver, the driver of tomorrow, not the two-hands-on-the-wheel, signal-at-every-turn dinosaur. This book is your bible of the American road. You’re welcome.


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Jun 10, 2014
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Dan Consiglio

About the Author

Dan Consiglio is the author of numerous humor books including The New Dad from A to Z, The New Mom from A to Z, Of Course You’re Still Cool, Honey, and Is That a Picasso On Your Fridge? He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and three kids.

Brad DeMarea is an award-winning graphic designer and filmmaker whose work has been recognized around the world. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and twin boy and girl.

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