Rene-Charles: NYC

Little Bulldog in the Big City


By Evan Cuttic

By Ryan Nalls

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Fierce. Flawless. Frenchie.

With opinions on brunch (always boozy), work (something for lesser life forms), and everything (really, everything) in between, Renéharles is the ultimate New York City tastemaker. Whether he’s dining at the finest restaurants or luxuriating in his king-size bed, this discerning French bulldog accepts nothing less than the best.And if you don’t meet his standards? Well, he’ll let you know.


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Manhattan’s most iconic French bulldog, who finds
his life of popularity and privilege both overwhelming
and exhausting. Boozy brunches, lunch-hour shopping
sprees, dinner at the hottest new spots in town—
René-Charles struts and snoozes his way through
the city that never sleeps with confidence and New
York attitude. For this snarky pup, life in the upper
crust is much more about who you’re wearing than
what you’re wearing. And if he doesn’t like either, be
prepared to hear about it. Because in the dog-eat-dog
world of René-Charles, you can call your apartment a
penthouse all you want, but if you’re not at the very
top, you might as well be in the lobby.

have you ever seen
Beyoncé holding her
own umbrella?

didn’t think so.

maybe they keep
the luxury goods in the
“beyond” section.

can we go to
that restaurant
i like?

the one with
the really small
and expensive


absolutely not.

when you said
“subway” i thought
you were talking about


i went to brooklyn
for brunch and i think
i caught the hipster!

in LA your
car matters.

in NY your
coat matters.

i think i’m going
to take a nap.

wake me up in 10 hours.

running so late
because i don’t have
a rolex.

i’m not really hungry,
i split a dozen cronuts with
the trash earlier today.

can we pull over
at Saks?

jacqueline has
some items on
hold for me.

one of us is going to
have to change.

i don’t often eat
off a silver platter.

usually it’s gold
or platinum.

i can’t sleep.

i’m haunted by
all of the things
i want to buy.

it’s going to be an
expensive day.

does Barneys deliver?

i live next door.

can i borrow
a few cups of


it’s going to take
more than a scarf to
make this look chic.

i wonder if that girl
is crying because of
her kitten heels.


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Sep 27, 2016
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176 pages
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Evan Cuttic

About the Author

Evan Cuttic and Ryan Nalls are the humans behind the popular Instagram account @ReneCharlesNYC. They’re also Renéharles’ overworked and underpaid personal assistants, photographers, valets, and parents.

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