When We Were Sisters


By Cynthia Ellingsen

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As two estranged sisters spend the summer renovating the beach house they inherited from their grandmother, they learn the bonds of sisterhood never fade and confront secrets thought long buried. 

Jayne hasn’t seen her sister Charlotte since that last childhood holiday at their grandmother’s North Carolina beach house. Separated after that summer by their parents in a bitter divorce, Charlotte has never forgiven Jayne for not fighting to stay together.

So when Jayne discovers that they have both inherited the beach house, and that their grandmother’s last wish was for them to renovate it together, it feels like a miracle: one last chance to win her sister back.

At first the task at hands feels very business-like and professional. But slowly the memories of swimming races and storytelling in their attic bedroom looking over the sea start to break down the wall between them—as they’re breaking down real walls. Jayne and Charlotte start to open up to each other about their shared past and realize how different it was for each of them. But the question is, can they each let go of their resentments to move forward together as sisters once again?

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Cynthia Ellingsen

About the Author

Cynthia Ellingsen is the author of several contemporary novels for women, including the bestselling Starlight Cove series, as well as a middle grade novel. Her work has been translated into many different languages. She is a Michigan native and currently lives in Lexington, KY, with her family. Connect with her at http://www.cynthiaellingsen.com

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