God Loves Ugly

God Loves Ugly

& love makes beautiful

Whenever Christa Black looked in the mirror, she was waging a war with herself. Her hatred of her face and body drove her, as a young woman, into frantic overachievement, addiction, and an eating disorder that landed her in rehab. A preacher’s kid, she’d grown up imagining God as a “thou shalt not” tyrant. It was only when she miraculously discovered God’s unconditional love for her–physical imperfections, moral failings, and all–that she finally began to accept herself. As she tells her story, Christa shares the tools she uses to combat the self-rejection that harms so many people’s lives.

In this raw testimony, Christa Black takes women on a step-by-step journey of faith and positive belief to reveal that if God loves ugly, then we can too.

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Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

On Sale: June 4th 2013

Price: $16

Page Count: 224

ISBN-13: 9781455516582

What's Inside

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"'God Loves Ugly' is a song that changed my life and self-esteem, and now GOD LOVES UGLY is a book that inspired my heart."—Jordin Sparks, American Idol Winner
"I can't recommend this book enough. Christa's effortless style and honesty will reach hearts, inspiring hope for all who struggle to believe true freedom is for them."—Michael W. Smith, Grammy Winning Artist
"Christa really hit the bulls-eye with GOD LOVES UGLY. I can't wait to give this book to my mom, sister, and every other woman in my life. It's extremely relatable and encouraging."—Kellan Lutz, Actor
"Christa has a devout wish to see people healed, set free, and restored to a brand new identity and destiny. This book will bring restoration and healing to the low places in people's lives." Graham Cooke, Author and Speaker
"If ever there was a book worth reading and a journey worth taking, it is this one. Christa has a remarkable way of putting her heart on paper. GOD LOVES UGLY will encourage you to search your own and rediscover truth, beauty and how love changes everything. Whether you're nine or 109, the words in these pages will teach you to see with new eyes."—--Kari Jobe, Worship Leader, Songwriter
"This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to be loved. It's not just for people in despair or rehab; it's a dose of loving truth for us all. I can attest to this awakening in Christa's life...I've seen it up-close and beautiful! This beauty-for-ashes story will never grow old."—--Christy Nockels, singer/songwriter/part of the 268 generation
"I wish I had this book when I was struggling with bulimia as a teenage girl. Thank you, Christa, for presenting your story with such raw vulnerability and honesty. You show that true beauty comes from what seems like the ugliest secrets. Freedom will be experienced by many as a result. And as the mom of three girls, I promise I will be referencing this book often."—--Natalie Grant, award winning singer/songwriter
"After reading GOD LOVES UGLY, one word kept echoing through my mind and heart: compassion. Christa courageously peels back the layers of fear and defense mechanisms to reveal a heart created to receive love and live a life of compassion. Battling the lies that try to guide our beliefs is a part of my story and the story of countless others. Christa shares keys to freedom from the lies and like a true friend, leads you down the path to total joy and deliverance. You won't be disappointed!"—--Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture
"Brilliantly written, real, raw, inspiring. Christa is a true role model who has an amazing story to share and teach from."—--Pattie Mallette, author of Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Beiber's Mom
"This book is a beautiful portrait of the Father's heart for us. I love how Christa exposes the lies of beliefs that disempower. She does a great job of teaching people to know who they are and how the Father sees them."—--Jenn Johnson, Bethel Music
"Intelligent, creative, humble, generous, passionate, raw, and honest...these are some of the words that spring to mind while reading this wonderful piece of heartfelt literature by my friend, Christa Black. As she delves into subject matter that is often danced around, she has the grace to give each of us readers real life stories, with real life answers in a way that empowers and brings light rather than shame. I am confident that this book will be life changing and life saving for so many, and my heart is ever grateful for the courage and tenacity of our beautiful Christa. Be inspired as you read."—--Darlene Zschech