Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs


By Cheryl Peck

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Naughty cats, quirky family members, and experiences as a large gay woman in the heartland of America: Cheryl Peck has a potpourri of poignant — and laugh-out-loud hilarious — stories to tell about growing up, love, and loss.

With self-deprecating humor and compassionate insight, she remembers the time she hit her baby sister in the head with a rock, how her father taught her to swim by throwing her into deep water, and the day when — while weighing in at 300 pounds — she became an inspirational goddess at her local gym.

Filled with universal stories about a daughter’s love for her parents and the eternal quest for finding meaning in it all, this book reveals many seemingly unremarkable moments that make up a life — the weighty events that, like fat girls sitting on lawn chairs, just won’t let go.


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Jan 1, 2004
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256 pages

Cheryl Peck

About the Author

Cheryl Peck lives with her cat, Babycakes, in Three Rivers, Michigan, where she does not grow tomatoes and rarely sits in lawn chairs. Cheryl originally self-published the book for her family and friends through a friend’s vermicomposting and publishing company. This way if the book didn’t sell, she could always use it for worm bedding.

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