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The Choir Director 2

Runaway Bride

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Aug 19, 2014

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320 Pages




Carl Weber takes readers back to church in his latest drama-filled novel, the much-anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestseller, The Choir Director.

It’s been three years since Aaron Mackie succeeded in helping his friend and mentor, Bishop T.K. Wilson, dig his ministry out of financial ruin. Aaron is also responsible for re-energizing the almost defunct choir into something special. His success has drawn national attention, and he’s on the verge of signing a huge recording contract. With his life in order, Aaron decides the time is right to propose to Tia Gregory, the church secretary who caught his eye and inspired him to shed his Tiger Woods-like tendencies to become a one-woman man. The stage is set for what might be the wedding of the year, but quickly becomes the disaster of the year when Aaron is left at the altar without explanation.

Now, during his own hour of need, Aaron turns to the bishop for help. Unfortunately, the line he asks T. K. to cross will force the bishop to choose between faith and friendship, or as he puts it, “between heaven and hell.” As the investigation into Tia’s disappearance continues, the two men are challenged in ways they never imagined.

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"After a church member commits suicide, secrets are exposed that could destroy the church and various relationships as Weber (Up to No Good) successfully explores the multiple megaproblems challenging this church family and scores again with a lively mix of church politics and bedroom follies."—Publishers Weekly on THE CHOIR DIRECTOR
"Weber's in top form with this fast-paced and oh-so-zany soap opera."—Publishers Weekly on BIG GIRLS DO CRY
"Popular author Weber (The Preacher's Son, 2005; Up to No Good, 2009) fills his books with lifelike characters-flawed, confused, frustrated, and sometimes plus-sized. His latest is perfect for readers looking for an emotion-filled human drama, and Big Girls Do Cry will be a welcome addition to any library's African American fiction collection."—Booklist on BIG GIRLS DO CRY
"As James, Darnel and Jamie switch narrative duties, betrayals and odd plot twists become the norm with at times shocking results...this trashy page-turner should give fans what they want."
Publishers Weekly on UP TO NO GOOD
"Weber keeps the pacing brisk and loads the narrative with enough surprise turns to keep readers guessing to the end."—Publishers Weekly on THE FIRST LADY
"Major revelations and an eye-raising twist will make even seen-it-all fans gasp. And the drama doesn't end but plants the seeds for Weber's next, The First Lady."—Publishers Weekly on SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN
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