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This comprehensive insiders guide offers readers an in-depth insight into the Candy Kingdom and Dreamworld, including mastering the mechanics of the game, plus exclusive tips and strategies for clearing the most challenging levels. It’s Delicious!

The first official gamers’ guide from the team behind Candy Crush Saga.

For anyone that has ever jumped for joy after clearing that tricky level, battled the bothersome Chocolate, or done a happy-dance when they created a Color Bomb; this is the guide for you.

With more than a billion downloads since launch, Candy Crush has become one of the most popular online puzzle games on the planet. Fans obsess over each level, fighting to reach the game’s elite player status. Now, for the first time ever, Candy Crush is releasing an official gamers’ guide that can help players improve their skills, one tip at a time. Filled with illustrations and helpful advice from the game’s sweet characters, this official guide will teach enthusiasts what they need to know to crush their own personal high score in no time.


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What is Candy Crush Saga?

The Candy Crush franchise is one of the most successful casual gaming brands of its time with millions of players around the world. Offering fun, colourful and snackable gameplay, the original game, Candy Crush Saga, has been developed to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere, when looking for some entertainment to brighten up the day!

In Candy Crush Saga, you switch and match colourful Candies to form epic, delicious chain reactions. You'll set off explosive boosters, causing Candies to cascade down the equally sweet game board. But you'll also have to engage your brain and implement your best strategies to clear the most devious of blockers and obstacles.

You can play Candy Crush Saga virtually anywhere including Google Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle devices, as well as Facebook and You can connect all of these accounts via Facebook too, so you'll never lose your progress.

Candy Crush Saga is set in the magically tasty world of the Candy Kingdom. It is here we meet our quirky yet extremely knowledgeable guide Mr. Toffee who runs the Candy Store in Candy Town.

One magical day in Candy Town, Mr. Toffee opened his delicious store to find a little candy bag had been left on his doorstep. To his delight, inside the bag he found a little bundle of sweetness called Tiffi, so he took her in and brought her up as his daughter. Tiffi is a humble girl and has lots of friends in Candy Town but is eager to explore more of the mesmerizing kingdom.

Under the watchful gaze of Mr. Toffee and alongside her great friend Yeti, she sets out to explore the Candy Kingdom. Her magical adventures take her to all sorts of wondrous places; the pretty Peppermint Palace, the lickable Lemonade Lake and the gorgeous Gingerbread Glade to name just a few. Along the way she stops to help some quirky characters and meets some even kookier animals, not to mention the mischievous Bubblegum Troll, who is intent on causing havoc in the Candy Kingdom! Follow Tiffi and her friends through delicious lands in your very own Candy Crush Saga.



Tiffi Toffee

Sweet little Tiffi was found in a candy bag and was brought up by Mr. Toffee in his Candy Store.

Tiffi loves to explore so she sets off through the Chocolate Mountains to begin her magical, candylicious adventures. Along her journey she stops to help some quirky characters and meets some even kookier animals, not to mention the mischievous Bubblegum Troll who always keeps her on her toes!

Mr. Toffee

Mr. Toffee is our quirky yet knowledgeable guide and mentor who runs the Candy Store in Candy Town. The magical day when Mr. Toffee found Tiffi was the best day of his life and since then he has dedicated much of his time teaching Tiffi about the Candy Kingdom.

He is worldly and intelligent, yet modest and is always happy to help point people in the right direction (quite literally) because that's just the nice kind of guy he is! Everyone loves Mr. Toffee not only because he's helpful but because he sells the best sweets in the whole of the Candy Kingdom.


Yeti is Tiffi's best friend in the Candy Kingdom and is by her side through all her adventures.

He's definitely the coolest guy in Candy Town, so laid back he's practically horizontal! He's really likeable but a little slow to respond sometimes. Legend has it, it's because he's busy eating delicious Chocolates in his home in the Chocolate Mountains. It's really hard to stop, they are just so yummy!

Bubblegum Troll

No Candy Kingdom would be complete without a cheeky troublesome troll. Over the Easter Bunny Hills, lurking under the Bubblegum Bridge, you will find the naughty Bubblegum Troll! He's a cheeky little guy and always looking to try and sabotage Tiffi's helpful deeds for her friends. Though he's mischievous, he's quite kind really, so the people of Candy Kingdom love him. Sometimes he does come in quite useful in tricky situations.


South of the Chocolate Mountains lies the Lemonade Lake, home to our friendly Dragon. He's the exception to the rule because he's happy, helpful and doesn't breathe fire. It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that he can't! Living in the Lemonade Lake means that he's constantly drinking delicious sugary pop, so he's full of fizz rather than fire!



Where would our colourful cast of characters be if they didn't have somewhere to call home?

Candy Kingdom

The magical land of the Candy Kingdom is where all of our action takes place! It's in this magical land where you'll spend your time adventuring, switching and matching your way past over 1000 challenging levels of bite-sized brilliance!

Candy Town

The famous Candy Town is home to the finest Candy Store in all of the Kingdom. It's here where our journey begins and where Tiffi sets off to start her epic quest across the Candy Kingdom. Candy Town is also the first episode of Candy Crush Saga, where Tiffi learns the basics and finds her feet before heading off into the vast expanse of the Candy Kingdom!

Chocolate Mountains

Chocolate Mountain is the fourth episode of Candy Crush Saga and it's also where you'll find Yeti. The Chocolate Mountains are an amazing place, but they are not without hazards. Intrepid adventurers should best look out for the dreaded Liquorice Locks that can block your path leaving the Chocolate Mountains!

Lemonade Lake

Lemonade Lake is the home of the Dragon and the source of one of the tastiest beverages in all of the Candy Kingdom.

Bubblegum Bridge

The thing about bridges is that sometimes, nestled snugly underneath is a troll! Bubblegum Bridge is no exception, as this is where the ever annoying and sticky mess that is the Bubblegum Troll lives!


How to play

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three game where you'll have to look two, three and yes even four moves ahead. But for now let's start with the basics!


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