All He Desires


By C.C. Gibbs

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Kate Hart and Dominic Knight’s volatile love affair continues in the last book in the All or Nothing trilogy from C.C. Gibbs.

Self-made billionaire Dominic Knight has always been the master of his destiny. From the boardroom to the bedroom, he takes charge of every situation, every impulse, every lover. But now he is ready to tie himself down-to one impossibly alluring woman…

Kate Hart thinks of herself as strong and independent. With a brain any tech genius would envy and a body built for pleasure, she has always been in full control of her life. Then she met Dominic Knight…

From the moment she first succumbed to temptation, Dominic and Kate have explored every fantasy, every need, and every desire. Bound together in an intoxicating game of passion and possession, seduction and surrender, they have nothing left to conquer—except the possibility of forever. Now from the bright lights of London to the sultry lairs of Paris, Dominic must convince Kate he’s ready to make the ultimate commitment. But how long can two lovers teeter on the brink of ecstasy . . . before they fall off?


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London, May

Dominic frowned. "What?"

Kate took a small breath. "I don't suppose I could have a written guarantee that all the bad stuff is over?"

"You can have a written guarantee in every language known to man," he said, hoping to end his least favorite conversation in the world. "Framed in fucking diamonds."

A trace of a smile tipped the corners of her mouth. "That sure?"

"Totally. Two weeks at the most and we get married." He held up his hand and grinned. "Word of God."

Kate set the last tiny newborn outfit on the pile of baby clothes beside her on the antique Anatolian carpet, looked across the tumble of torn wrapping and empty boxes at a man known for the brevity of his relationships, then blew out a small breath. "One more question, okay?"

"Go for it." Dominic's blue gaze was open, without secrets. "Ask me anything."

She lifted her chin in a little defensive gesture. "Are you really excited about the baby? Or are you just doing your duty? I'd completely understand if this isn't your thing… I mean… well, all these lovely gifts aside, you and babies… with your lifestyle." Kate shrugged. "It's a major shift in your life."

"I like kids."

Dominic's bland disclaimer brought to mind his easy rapport with his nieces and nephews in San Francisco. "Still," she pressed. She had a tendency to overanalyze everything and Dominic Knight, billionaire and world-class playboy, was the least likely candidate for fatherhood she knew. "Raising a child is a serious commitment for at least eighteen years, probably more with college and maybe graduate school and—"

"I know what I'm doing, Katherine." Seated on the floor on the other side of the mass of crumpled wrappings and discarded boxes, Dominic Knight suppressed a smile at the notion that he might be accepting this child out of either some benighted courtesy or ignorance. "And I don't make a practice of being dutiful," he added, his blue-eyed gaze on the beautiful redhead wearing kitten print pajamas who'd casually turned his life upside down. "Particularly when it involves marriage and fatherhood. I'm beyond excited about our baby. Try to remember it the next time you question my motives." Then his smile broke through. "And knowing you that will be five minutes from now."

She sniffed. "We can't all be totally confident twenty-four/seven."

His smiled widened. "Please. Says the lady who's always right."

"I am brilliant, aren't I?" she said with a grin.

"Definitely, baby. You're my genius hacker." He winked. "And you've made my life a helluva lot more interesting."

She laughed. "How diplomatic. By interesting, you actually mean you like a fight now and then."

His eyelids drifted lower, the teasing gleam in his eyes filtered by his absurdly long dark lashes. "Especially with you, baby." He glanced at his vintage Cartier Santos Dumont watch. "I don't have any appointments till noon tomorrow so we have plenty of time. And my appointments can be canceled if necessary."

"How very accommodating of you," Kate said softly.

Dominic smiled faintly. "We try."

Suddenly the image of countless females being accommodated by the incredibly beautiful, sexually talented Knight Enterprises CEO filled Kate's mind and brought the teasing game to a screeching halt. "But you're accommodating only me from now on, right?" she said, challenge in the obstinate jut of her chin.

"Only you," he readily agreed, when he would have found such limitations incomprehensible a few short months ago.

Leaning back against the flax-colored sofa, her green gaze shimmering with delight, she smiled at the man she loved. "So," she murmured, with delicate impertinence and a little dip of her head. "Have I really tamed the premier playboy of the Western world?"

A lazy flicker of a smile. "I didn't think you liked it tame?"

His words hovered palpably in the sudden silence.

Spiked through her body, a flame hot and riveting.

Pooled in seething delirium deep down inside her.

"Meaning?" she whispered, finding it hard to breathe.

"Meaning, why don't we find out what you do like?" he said gently, coming to his feet in a graceful flow of toned muscle, having patiently waited through the unwrapping of countless boxes for her to finally read his mind. He held out his strong hand with its dusting of dark hair, his long fingers faintly splayed.

A shiver of pleasure raced through her. Broad-shouldered, lean hipped in jeans and a faded blue Peace T-shirt, Dominic's dark, brooding beauty was breathtaking: the long silky black hair, the bad-boy scorching blue eyes, the high cheekbones and fine bone structure, the arrow-straight nose, the mouth saved from outright sensuality by the contradictory don't-mess-with-me firmness. The whole package transcendent male perfection.

And when he leaned down and his hand closed around hers, she trembled at the glut of prodigal sensation, at the feverish need coiling in the pit of her stomach, at the blazing hot desire streaking up her spine. Agitated and restless, she said on a suffocated breath, "I'm sorry. But it's been so long I don't think I'm going to last."

Drawing her to her feet, he slid his hands under her arms, lifted her over the pile of boxes, and set her down. "Then let's go take care of you."

"You don't have much time." Her voice was shaky. "Just so you know."

He shot her a grin. "Do we have time to get into bed? Otherwise"—he glanced down at his erection straining his jeans—"he's good anywhere. Just say the word."

"Jesus, don't ask me to make a decision now!"

He smiled at her familiar, breathless rush to orgasm, and swinging her up into his arms, swiftly strode from the reception room and down the hallway. Moments later, walking into her bedroom, he covered the distance to the bed in four long strides and lowered her to the white quilted coverlet. Quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans as she frantically squirmed out of her pajama bottoms, he dropped, fully clothed, between her pale legs, and on easy terms with expeditious sex, deftly guided the head of his dick to her slick sex.

"Oh, God… hurry, hurry—"

He heard her sharp intake of breath as he plunged into her succulent body, but his erection was only partially submerged when she suddenly climaxed.

Dipping his head, Dominic inhaled her soft breathy moan. "You were in a hurry," he whispered, his smile warm on her mouth. "We'll make it last a little longer next time—and the time after that, because I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying"—he gently flexed his hips—"right here for as long as you need me."

She softly sighed as his rigid length slid deeper, raised her hips into the heavenly sensation, and, when he responded with well-bred grace, forcing himself deeper still, she uttered a low languorous purr of contentment.

He smiled. "Good?"

Another weightless, dreamy pleasure sound, a faint wiggle.

"Not quite enough? More?" Moving with masterful finesse, he drove into her soft yielding flesh, the pressure like silk on silk, smooth, fluid, exquisitely sensual.

"How's that?"


He knew that lush, primitive utterance, had missed hearing it the last ten weeks, smiled at the thought of fucking himself to death to keep that velvety growl humming in his ears. The audacious thought had no more than crossed his mind than he rebuked it. New ball game, dude. No roughness. Dragging in a breath of restraint, giving himself a mental shake for good measure, Dominic absorbed their new reality. But he needed some guidelines. "Baby, look at me," he said quietly, touching her cheek.

Kate lifted her green gaze, a tiny flicker of unease visible. "No orders, Dominic," she whispered. "Please?"

On his best behavior since she'd only just allowed him back into her life, he said, "No orders, just a question, okay? Tell me if—" He hesitated, taking a small breath. "I don't want to hurt anything… the baby, you, whatever might get hurt. This is all new to me… so you're the one who has to say no. Tame is fine if that's what you need. Understand?"

"Everything's normal. Nothing's changed." At his lifted brow, she held his gaze just long enough to emphasize her certainty. "Really, I'm perfectly fine." Morning sickness aside, but it wasn't morning. "So don't worry about it."

Long past intimidation of any kind, even from the willful mother of his child, he politely smiled. "Just in case, that's all I'm saying. You tell me. I'll listen."

"How about I tell you to move a little?" she said pertly.

He didn't know whether to laugh or be pissed. She constantly shook up the established role of women in his life. Not to mention his life in general. On the other hand, he'd been in command of a global empire too long to accept orders from her or anyone. "Ask me nicely and I'll be happy to move."

She scowled.

He moved just enough to make his point.

After she stopped shuddering, she gave him a squinty-eyed look.

"Come on, baby, compromise. Neither of us likes orders." He grinned. "Just ask me even semi-nicely. We both want this, okay?"

She rolled her eyes, but every sentient nerve in her body was zeroed in on the immensity of Dominic's gorgeous dick filling her to excess, his pulse throbbing through the compressed network of veins in his engorged erection, matching her own hectic heartbeat. And damn him, he could outlast her by a week or more so really… what were a few words in exchange for a mind-blowing climax? "Please move, semi-nicely. Is that enough for a compromise?"

"Absolutely," he whispered, kissing her tenderly, withdrawing slightly, and seeing the moodiness return to her gaze, quickly added, "We're here, baby. This is for you." But he drove back into her slick, yielding body, slowly, carefully, because one of them had to be sensible and that usually meant him. When he reached the ultimate depth and ever so gently nudged her taut flesh, her lashes drifted lower and the fretfulness faded from her eyes. She sighed softly in blissful satisfaction.

He smiled. There. That was the sound he was waiting for.

She was happy, gratified. Without roughness or violence.

But these next few months were going to be an exercise in self-denial and prudence. Not that having Katherine back wasn't an awesome tradeoff. And what the hell, vanilla sex was the norm for most people. Maybe he'd even get used to it.

His priorities established, he ushered in the new construct of making love, a strange, radical concept for him, separate from fucking, unique to this small, voluptuous woman beneath him, enveloping him, warming his dick and his heart. Unselfish, super indulgent, he smoothly slid in and out of her as she grew wetter and wetter, told her what they were going to do later after she'd climaxed again, how he was going to keep her up all night, how he was going to give her countless orgasms to make up for the long weeks of their separation. "Just tell me when to stop," he murmured, nibbling her ear lobe, relishing the taste of her.

His deep, commanding voice warmed her senses, his nipping teeth made her shiver, made her breathless with longing, his massive dick, her fatal addiction, her greedy pleasure. And as he skillfully penetrated and withdrew, mindful of pleasing both her clit and her G-spot, she clung to him, rising to meet each exquisitely placed stroke until, increasingly frantic, she forced the rhythm.

He smoothly altered his pace, intent on indulging her. Fully capable, not to mention accomplished at this game.

How had she ever thought she could live without him, without this sweeping pleasure that was rich with lust, soft with the magic of love, the quintessential metaphor for having her cake and eating it too? "Don't ever stop," she panted, lifting into his downstroke, sliding her hands lower, under his loosened jeans, splaying her fingers over his taut ass and holding on tight. "Not ever, not—" She squeaked as he broke her grip.

"Pay attention, baby." His deep voice was teasing. "This means I'm not stopping." And having withdrawn, he pushed in again, all the way into that sweet spot that always made her gasp.

"Oh God…" She could feel her bones melting, her brain turning to mush, her body liquefying into a puddle of hot passion and need. "More, more." She ground her hips into his erection, reaching for the next wave of feverish rapture. "More!"

"Like this?" he whispered.

"Oh God, thank you," she panted in abject gratitude because her climax was beginning to ignite, all flash and dazzle, as he touched her quivering pussy to the core.

He felt the first tiny flutter tremble up his dick and smiled. "Here we go, baby." And plunged in again, deeper, gloriously, delectably deeper.

Surging upward, needy, ravenous, oh so close, she made lurid contact with his down thrust and suddenly the building hysteria broke, and her orgasm began to sweep hot and seething through her body. The raging ecstasy slid red hot up her spine, coloring the entire world in glowing bliss, electrified her brain, and, just as she was about to explode, she momentarily tensed. Then her wild scream rose into the high-ceilinged room, bounced off the pale, butter cream walls, gave potent, gloating voice to ten long weeks of sexual deprivation while she came and came and came…

Already pouring into her sleek, drenched sex, Dominic was deaf to her cry, too intent on his own powerful, shuddering, heart-jolting climax.

After a prolonged, rampaging tidal wave of mutual bliss, his guttural grunts and her screams slowly faded, the silence punctuated only by labored breathing. Until at last a hush descended.


The two people on the bed still cushioned in a velvety euphoria.

Finally, half dazed and warmly aglow, still inexplicably overwhelmed with desire, Kate whispered, "I warn you, Dominic, I may never get enough of you."

It took him a fraction of a second to lift his head from the mattress near her shoulder. And another second to normalize his breathing. Then, resting on his forearms, an ingrained, habitual position for a man his size, he smiled down at Kate. "I'm here anytime, baby." Still resting inside her, his dick only nominally diminished, he shifted his hips in confirmation. "Just ask."

Reaching up, she slid his dark, tumbled hair behind his ears and grinned. "Perfect. Because you're mine," she said. "Don't forget it."

"Back at you, baby." He brushed her grin with his fingertip. "And I don't share. Don't ever forget that."

"Why would I want to?" She lazily stretched in a languorous motion that brought her lush pajama-clad breasts into contact with his chest. "I've never been so happy, so filled with lust and love."

When she looked all warm and sexy, when her plump breasts were resting lightly against his body, when her comment about never getting enough paralleled his own libidinous impulses, he suddenly felt the need to firmly underline the perimeters of their relationship. Or more pertinently for a man of his controlling temperament, to decisively mark his territory. Lightly touching the flawless forty-two-carat emerald-cut diamond on Kate's outstretched hand, Dominic said quietly, "This ring means we stay together. Today, tomorrow, forever. All of us. You, me, the baby. Nothing and nobody gets in the way. Got it?"

She nodded, gulping down the tears that had risen in her throat… "I cry… all the… time now," she hiccupped. "Especially… when I think about the baby. You're going to be revolted… at how clingy… and weepy I've become."

"After seventy-two days"—he turned his wrist to glance at his watch—"ten hours and twenty-three minutes without you." He shook his head. "Uh-uh, babe. No chance."

She bit her lip as her tears spilled over.

"Hey, hey, everything's good from now on." Bending his head, he licked away her tears, then grabbed the quilt and wiped her cheeks. "We're not going to fuck this up. We're going to make each other happy. And speaking of happiness," he murmured, leaning back enough to reach the buttons on her pajama top, "let's see this new baby-making body of yours."


Dominic's blue gaze was warm with pleasure as he freed the top button on Kate's pajama top. "I feel like a kid at Christmas who gets to open his special present."

"Then if you'll undress for me"—Kate's voice was lazy with contentment—"we'll both get a special present."

His grin was wickedly sexy. "That'll take two seconds."

"Be a dear and reword that," she murmured. "So I'm not reminded of the blur of women in your past."

He looked up into her sardonic gaze and his fingers stilled. "How about I take my time undressing? This is all about what you want." Because I already have what I want? "Just let us know the schedule."

Kate sighed softly. "Lord, I'm even more jealous than before. I'm going to blame my crazy baby hormones." She smiled faintly. "Tell me you don't mind or I'll burst into tears again."

He laughed. "Whatever you do is fine, baby." Then his voice went soft. "If there are nine circles of hell, I was in the tenth without you, okay? Nothing you can do will even begin to replicate that fucking misery. So jealousy, tears, whatever—hit me with it, I don't care."

Her smile was sunny again. "Really? I have carte blanche?"

"Damn right. You're nurturing this baby for us. You're allowed anything. You want something, let me know. I'll find it for you. You need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. You have a craving for something, it's yours." Framing her face in his palms, he dipped his head. "Because I'm good at getting what I want," he whispered.

"And you want me."

"You have no idea, baby. And just as soon as the divorce comes through, we're getting married."

She wiggled her hips.

"Are you trying to change the subject?" But his dick got the message loud and clear and swelled noticeably.

"I am," she purred, not wanting to even think about his problem marriage. "And for your information, pregnancy makes me even sexier."

He stared at her. "It does?"

"No doubt in my mind."

He exhaled softly. Even with Max watching over her during his absence, there was the possibility someone had been missed. Drawing in a breath, he carefully said, "I'll ask this only once and I apologize in advance because I have no right to ask when we weren't together, but did you—"

"Only my vibrator—or yours, actually," she interjected, because he was trying so hard to be understanding.

He blew out a breath. "Sorry. It shouldn't matter but it does."

"Tell me about it," she muttered, shoving him away as jealousy instantly soured her mood again.

He wouldn't have had to move; he was more than a hundred pounds heavier than her. But considering their very recent détente, he did. Smoothly rolling away, he rested beside her in a lounging pose, his head propped on his hand. "Come on, baby, the nightmare's almost over," he said softly. "I haven't looked at another woman since we've been apart. Not even a glance. You should tell Nana we're getting married."

"Don't change the subject. I should whip your ass," she said, although after Dominic's sweet earnestness, her tone was less grumpy.

Encouraged, he smiled. "If that changes the subject, be my guest."

She grinned. "Really?"

"Fucking A. I don't want to talk about this clusterfuck I just went through or even think about it." In a deal that had gone bad, he'd agreed to a temporary marriage to ensure Katherine's safety—although she was unaware of her danger. He wanted to keep it that way. "But seriously," he added, "you should give Nana a heads-up. I'll send a plane for her, but still, she might like some warning."

"I can't call her and tell her that you're married, and I'm pregnant with your baby, but you'll soon be divorced and then we can get married. It sounds too much like a scam. Not to mention that I'd like to see your divorce papers before I call her. Nana will have her shotgun loaded and pointed at you when she gets off the plane unless everything's settled. You met her. So that can't be a surprise."

"She didn't seem unreasonable," he said. "We got along."

"Jesus, did you charm her too?"

He grinned. "You mean I actually charmed you?"

"To the extent that we'll soon be parents," she noted sardonically, running her hand over the slight rise of her belly.

He grinned. "That worked out then." Placing his hand very gently on her stomach, he took a chance, kissed her cheek, and gave himself a mental high five when she didn't balk. "But if you prefer, call Nana when everything's resolved."

"Jeez, Dominic, you make it sound as if you forgot your umbrella and as soon as someone brings it to you, life's back on track."

"The degree of difficulty doesn't concern me, so long as we get our lives back." A muscle twitched along his jaw, a sudden chill invaded his eyes. "And I promise you, we will."

"You sound like you did with those bankers in Singapore. Can you stop? It's scary."

He ran his hand over his eyes in a literal gesture of nullification. "Sorry," he said smoothly, the cold belligerence extinguished from his gaze. "And now if you can wait a few minutes before you whip my ass," he added, cupping her small belly in his large palm, "I'd like to say hi to our baby." Bending low, he murmured, "I'm your daddy. We're going to have fun, you and me and Mommy. You're going to be the center of our world, did you know that? And if you want a pony you can have one," he playfully added, then looked up and rolled back. "The baby can hear me, right?"

"I think so. I almost had a pony once but Gramps balked at cleaning the stall. Did you have one?"

"Uh-uh. I never wanted one, but maybe the baby will take after you. Did you hear that?" He brushed his palm over Kate's belly. "Your mommy wanted a pony." He glanced at Kate. "I think we'd better get some baby books. We have some reading to do. In fact, let me call Melanie. She can overnight some to us." He pulled his phone from his jeans pocket and started dialing his sister in San Francisco.


"It's early afternoon in San Francisco. If she buys them today, we'll have them tomorrow. We can't shop for them or the paparazzi might see us. If some of my staff buy them, we're no better off. So Melanie's safe." He grinned. "Instant gratification. I want to learn about babies. Not that I didn't help Melanie with her first two, but when it's not really your job, you just do what you're told. This is our baby. I want to know everything. Hi, Mel. We need some baby books. All you can find. Send them overnight. No shit, I'm excited. Why wouldn't I be? Yeah, yeah, cute. How about its better, okay? Like a hundred times better. Don't give me any more grief. Just send them. No, you can't talk to Katherine now because I'm talking to her. Yeah, actually talking. Good-bye." He ended the call and tossed his phone on the bedside table.

"What's a hundred times better?"

"Nothing. Mel was being clever, that's all."

"Tell me."

"It's raunchy."

"Now I really want to know."

He made a face. "It was a long time ago."

"Jesus, Dominic. Do you ever want to touch me again?"

"Watch it, baby. That's not negotiable."

"Maybe I have something to say about it."

"Not as much as me," he said in a soft growl.

She sighed. "I couldn't anyway. This pregnancy makes me so horny. But I could be too tired for sex. I am tired a lot."

"Oh Jesus… okay. But don't get pissed. It's just surfer slang. When you're surfing in waves that should kill you and you're in the jaws of a wind tunnel that should destroy you and you know you can't control it, you just let go. You lay into the warp and ride it clean through a cannon blast of green spit. And when you come out the other side alive, we call that kind of ride the next best thing to a three-way. That's all." Or that's all he was going to tell her. She'd freak at the real three-way stuff.

"That's not so raunchy. It's cute."

"Glad to hear it." Really glad. He was off the hook. "So." He pointed at her pajama buttons. "May I?"

"It's always a yes, damn you. Sometimes I wish I had more control."

He smiled, looked up from sliding a second button free. "I like that you don't."

"Still, it's always too easy for you. It always has been, I expect. I hate to be one of the crowd."

It stopped him for a flashing moment, the thought that he'd do any of this for anyone but her. Risk his life, offer an open-ended bribe of millions to the low-life Gora, who'd threatened Katherine, and marry Gora's horny little mistress who was looking to augment her family's bank account. "You're one of a kind, baby, not one of a crowd," he said gently, back to his unbuttoning. "I've never asked anyone to marry me before. I've never considered having a baby with anyone before. I've never been in love like this before. Would you like that in writing? On a billboard somewhere. I could do a press release. In all modesty," he said with a small smile, sliding the last button free, "it would be a worldwide news flash."

"I want it in skywriting," she said, deadpan, before she grinned. "And thank you. For someone who always had more than my share of confidence, this baby is screwing with my head. It's really strange."

"It doesn't matter. I like you strange or any way at all. Ummm… This I like a lot," he murmured, having brushed aside her pajama top. "They're bigger." He looked up. "When did that happen?"

"Are you sure? I haven't noticed."

"I'm sure, baby. You've been working too hard if you haven't noticed these." He slid his hand under the curve of one large breast and gently lifted. "We're going to have to fly Mrs. Hawthorne over to see that you have some bras that fit."


"Later then." He sat up and cupped her other breast.

"No, not later either." They'd had this fight before in Hong Kong.

"Then you're going to have to wear some bulky sweaters, because these aren't for public display." He moved his fingers and very gently squeezed her swollen nipples. "These are for me."

"I'm guessing the baby gets first dibs on my boobs. Oh, God, that feels good."

He looked up, smiled. "Then I'll settle for seconds. Apparently, parental self-sacrifice starts early."


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