Cut It Out

Re-create Your Favorite Dictator's Hairstyle at Home--for Fun and Profit!


By Bryan “The Brush” Burnsides

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What do all despots and dictators across the ages have in common? Homicidal tendencies? Ruthless megalomania? A desire to enslave millions? Of course! But that isn’t the whole story — it’s all been foretold in the hair.

Combing through history, every bad-ass from Genghis Khan to Donald Trump has clambered up the pole to ultimate power on the back of some of the most radical hairdos the world has seen. It’s a proven scientific fact that the badder the dude, the bigger the rug statement — and Cut it Out features looks that will have you sprinting to the nearest salon to rock your locks.

Cut it Out reveals just how the original ‘dos were done and shares the intimate trade secrets of today’s underground stylists hell-bent on creating total retro-hair war. Dust off that Mao suit, slip on that armband, and get ready for Big Bad Hair!


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Mar 6, 2018
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112 pages

Bryan “The Brush” Burnsides

About the Author

Bryan “The Brush” Burnsides is a celebrity hairstylist and transitioning female-to-hipster and a former “Miss Scissors” Scotland (1993, Expat Category). He is currently official Pony-Tail Consultant at Dancer Beaver Indian Reservation, South Dakota.

Cut it Out is ably co-authored and manicured by British writer Tom Henry who, among many other worthy publications is the author of The Turnip Prize — A Retrospective (Cassell, Hachette UK, 2016) an academically comprehensive guide to the best of the world’s worst art. At the age of fifty he has a surprisingly fulsome head of hair, most of which is his.

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