The Homebrewer's Answer Book

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By Ashton Lewis

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Ashton Lewis supplies practical, easy-to-follow answers to all the questions that bubble up in the course of brewing your own beer. Covering all stages of the homebrew process, Lewis provides expert advice on buying hops, sanitizing your equipment, troubleshooting unpleasant flavors, the best way to pour beer into a glass, and much more. This comprehensive guide will help you understand brewing chemistry, fix problems, and achieve the flavor and balance you want in all of your handcrafted beers. 

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Ashton Lewis

Ashton Lewis

About the Author

Ashton Lewis has answered over 300 questions as Mr. Wizard in Brew Your Own magazine, where he also serves as technical editor. Lewis has a master’s degree in brewing science from the University of California–Davis and is the head brewer at Springfield Brewing Company in Missouri.

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