Susanna Henighan Potter

About the Author

Susanna Henighan Potter was born in Tennessee and raised in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains, she packed her bags after graduating from Oberlin College and headed to a cluster of tiny dots in the Caribbean Sea: the Virgin Islands.

As a reporter at island newspapers and for the Associated Press, Susanna covered stories ranging from celebrity sightings and murder trials to the installation of the first traffic light in the British Virgin Islands. In between assignments, Susanna fell in love with her new home. She learned to snorkel, went on weekend camping trips, and got used to driving on the left side of the road. She took local history and cooking classes and bought a machete to explore overgrown hiking trails. She learned to grow Caribbean seasoning peppers and how to make the perfect piña colada.

Moon U.S. & British Virgin Islands reflects Susanna's experience as both insider and outsider. She lives like a local but has not forgotten the jolt of excitement she felt at her first glimpse of the islands from the window of a small airplane in 1999.

Today, Susanna works as a communications professional and lives with her husband on the island of Tortola.