Rachel Tawil Kenyon

About the Author

Rachel Tawil Kenyon was born in Brooklyn, New York, and spent her teen years in Hollywood, California. Bringing her diverse experiences with her, she moved with her family to Nashville, Tennessee, where she writes, reads, and teaches. Rachel is known in her community for her enthusiasm working with young children and teenagers. She writes from the heart and encourages the kids she works with to do the same.
Anna Süßbauer grew up in Cologne, Germany, surrounded by art books, picture books, comics, and her father's typewriter, on which she typed her own stories. Her decision to become a picture book illustrator was driven by a passion for graphic design and a love of clear structures and bright colors. Anna's work is inspired by a whimsical sense of humor and her love for all kinds of animals, including her two dogs Eddie and Patsy.


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