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Philippe Douste-Blazy

Philippe Douste-Blazy is the founding president of UNITAID, a new agency of the World Health Organization that has raised 1.5 billion to pay for treatments against HIV-AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in the developing world. Since 2008, he has been under-secretary-general of the United Nations and special adviser to the secretary-general on innovative financing for development. Prior to heading UNITAID, he was a professor of medicine Toulouse Sciences University, health minister of France on two occasions, and foreign minister of France.

Daniel Altman is an economist, journalist and writer. He currently teaches a course on the future of the global economy at the Stern School of Business at New York University. His previous books are Connected: 24 Hours in the Global Economy and Neoconomy: George Bush’s Revolutionary Gamble With America’s Future. He was formerly an economic adviser to the British government and a columnist at the Economist, the New York Times, and the International Herald Tribune.
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