Michael McCarty

Liz Smith is a Texan who grew up worshiping the likes of Tom Mix and his horse Tony as well as Astaire and Rogers at the movies. She wrote her first column after listening to Walter Winchell on the radio and went on to create a gossip pillar at the University of Texas, where she studied journalism. In late 1949 she arrived in New York City with only $50 to her name and no ticket home. Early jobs with Mike Wallace at CBS Radio, Allen Funt on Candid Camera and as the ghostwriter for the famous “Cholly Knickerbocker” Hearst society column put her right in the media mix. She also was a memorable writer-editor for Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan. Her bylined column has appeared daily since 1976 and is syndicated to millions of readers in over 70 newspapers. A champion of literacy and the fight against AIDS, she has raised millions for these causes. She won the Matrix Award for journalism and an Emmy Award for TV reporting at WNBC. Liz has been in Vanity Fair‘s Hall of Fame, endured the Playboy Q&A and answered the Proust questionnaire. She was recently named a “Living Landmark” by the Landmarks Conservancy of New York.
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