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Kenda Bell-Spruill, known as “Joy Factor Mama,” is a living reminder of resilience, tenacity, and transformation. Her life tapestry, woven with threads of overcoming breast cancer, triumphing over stuttering, navigating single motherhood, and discovering marital bliss after 40, is a vibrant testament to the indomitable spirit within every woman.

Embarking on a journey from personal trials to self-discovery, Kenda has walked the path of many women who bear the weight of outdated self-images and unresolved guilt. As a spiritual nutritionist, Kenda skillfully uses her life lessons and intuitive gifts to guide others on their journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. She empowers her clients to tap into their inner wisdom.

As a spiritual nutritionist, Kenda transforms her life lessons into an enlightening roadmap for others on their self-discovery journeys. She’s mastered various disciplines from Feminine Power to Bagua™ Astrology and the GROW™ & SMART™ methods – skills she weaves into her unique Joy Factor Method™.

Kenda shares her wisdom in her engaging journal, “The Ethical Selfishness Journal: 12 Pathways Back To Joy”. She urges women to afford themselves the grace and understanding to be empowered to tap into their sacred magic through joy without apology.

Being able to share ways to connect with ancestral wisdom and joy through children’s literature through Saturday Magic: A Hoodoo Story is a wonderful addition to her gumbo of gifts to share with the world.

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