Abbe R. Gluck

About the Author

Abbe R. Gluck is the Alfred M. Rankin Professor of Law, the founding faculty director of the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School, professor of internal medicine at Yale School of Medicine and the faculty director of the Yale Medical-Legal Partnership. She is also a Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale. Gluck is an expert on Congress, federalism, litigation, and health law and is the author of more than 60 articles in law, health and mainstream publications, as well as the author of a leading legislation casebook. After graduation from Yale Law School, Gluck clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and worked on the senior staffs in the administrations of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NJ Governor Jon Corzine. Gluck filed influential amicus briefs in all of the major ACA challenges.

By the Author