Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

mood ringAsk My Mood Ring How I Feel

By Diana Lopez

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Curriculum Subject: Family Life: Parents/Siblings/Babies, Personal Development: Diversity, Personal Development: Loss, Personal Development: Self-Discovery

Grades: 3 – 7


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It’s summer before eighth grade, and Erica “Chia” Montenegro is feeling so many things that she needs a mood ring to keep track of her emotions. She’s happy when she hangs out with her best friends, the Robins. She’s jealous that her genius little sister skipped two grades. And she’s passionate about the crushes on her Boyfriend Wish list. And when Erica’s mom is diagnosed with breast cancer, she feels worried and doesn’t know what she can do to help.


When her family visits a cuarto de milagros, a miracle room in a famous church, Erica decides to make a promesa to God in exchange for her mom’s health. As her mom gets sicker, Erica quickly learns that juggling family, friends, school, and fulfilling apromesa is stressful, but with a little bit of hope and a lot of love, she just might be able to figure it out.


Confetti Girl author Diana Lopez returns with this sweet, funny, and utterly honest story about being a girl in a world full of good (and bad) surprises.



“The many characters in Chia’s life are individually and lovingly drawn…Readers will feel like Chia’s family and friends could do anything as long as they stick together-and they may be right.”– Booklist


“A funny and heartfelt story…Balancing the heavy subject matter with generous doses of humor and an authentic young teen voice, Lopez crafts a story that blends family and middle school drama successfully.”– Kirkus Reviews


“Lopez skillfully balances emotional moments with humorous ones, offering an honest portrait of a family under strain. Chia’s clever, cheeky voice and a strong cast contribute to an inspiring story about developing “a special kind of bravery.”– Publishers Weekly


“Chia’s voice shines…A fast-moving, absorbing read about how one person’s illness can affect the whole family in many different ways.”– School Library Journal