Thank you for taking the time to visit Hachette Book Group. We appreciate your interest in our company, its products, and services. Please find below a list of most frequently asked questions and e-mail addresses to contact with your query. Thanks again for visiting. We invite you to keep in touch by also subscribing to HBG’s e-newsletters. Click here to learn more. Thank you.


Defective Audiobooks on CD

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If you purchased an audiobook and a disc is missing or was delivered to you as defective, please email customer.service@hbgusa.com to replace it.

Defective Books

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Inquiries about defective books should be addressed to customer.service@hbgusa.com.

Order Information

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We're unable to offer direct online book sales at this time, either for consumers or for trade sales accounts. We do, however, offer bookseller directories for consumers which can be found on the Where to Buy page.

Customer Service offers help with finding specific titles and order status information. You may contact them via e-mail or telephone: 800-759-0190

Booksellers interested in setting up accounts and ordering specific books should send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com. For information regarding discounts to corporations, organizations, non-bookstore retailers and wholesalers, mail order accounts, premium sales, and libraries, please send your inquiries to special.markets@hbgusa.com.

For inquiries about the availability of a specific title in the U.S. or overseas, retailers and wholesales please send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com. Consumers can also send email to customer.service@hbgusa.com

Our catalog is available for download to booksellers. Please go to Bookseller Services for more details.

Returns Information

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What Should I Use This Information For?

This information is for OVERSTOCK returns. If you have received damaged/incorrect items, please call customer service.

Who Can Return Books?

These addresses are for RETURNABLE accounts wishing to make overstock returns. If an account needs to check if they are returnable or not, they can check with customer service, via email or phone 800-759-0190. Accounts set up as returnable do not need authorization. If you are set up as Non-Returnable, call customer service for assistance.

How Long Can I Return For If I Am A Returnable Account?

Returnable accounts can return any book for any length of time as long as the books are In Print and In Good Condition.

What Is The Returns Address?

For whole copy returns:

Attn: Returns Department
322 South Enterprise Blvd.
Lebanon, IN 46052
For stripped returns ONLY:
Hachette Book Group Retail Sales & Marketing
Attn: Stripped Cover Returns
326 South Enterprise Blvd Lebanon, IN 46052

What Is Strippable?

To tell if an item is strippable, look for an inverted triangle with an (S) in it.

Paperback Books with a retail price of $6.95 or less have Strippable Covers, regardless of product code (can be MM, TR, or PB.)

Calenders are strippable, we just need the cover with the barcode on it.

If you need to check please email or call customer service.

What If I Return Something To You That Is Not Yours?

If you have any doubts as to whether or not something is still returnable, check with customer service. We may accept returns on books that are Not our Publication (NOP) or Out of Print (OP) for a short period after they are declared NOP/OP. After that, NOP/OP returns are returned to the customer if the amount received in a CARTON is FIVE or more. If it is below this amount, the books are destroyed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether or not something can be returned, please contact customer service (800-759-0190).

School and University Desk Copies

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Desk Copies

Hachette Book Group is pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any adopted required text for instructors at accredited colleges and universities.

To expedite your order, please include:

•         10-or 13-digit ISBN

•         Title and Author or Editor

•         Name of course and enrollment

•         College mailing address

•         Bookstore name and number

•         Date by which desk copies are needed

Desk copies can only be sent to your school address.  For teaching assistants, please provide the name and address of each assistant so books can be shipped individually.

Send desk copy requests:

By email, please email marketing@hbgusa.com.
•         By fax, please use 212-364-0943.
•         By mail, please use the following address:
Hachette Book Group
Marketing Department
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Exam Copies

Paperbacks and hardcovers published by Hachette Book Group are available to educators who wish to consider them for adoption. A prepaid fee is required for all examination copy requests.
                For titles with retail prices up to $9.99, send $3.00
                For titles with retail prices from $10.00 to $14.99, send $4.00
                For titles with retail prices from $15.00 to $19.99, send $5.00
                For titles with retail prices from $20.00 to $34.99, send $10.00
                For titles with retail prices from $35.00 or more, send $20.00

To expedite your order, please include:

•         10-or 13-digit ISBN

•         Title and Author or Editor

•         Name of course and enrollment

•         College mailing address

Please mail your request with the appropriate fee to our attention or call our customer service desk with the necessary information.  Your examination copy will be mailed to you promptly.

Send exam copy requests:
•         By fax, please use 212-364-0943.
•         By mail, please use the following address:
Hachette Book Group
Marketing Department
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

All orders are subject to stock availability at the time they are processed. Please wait to order our forthcoming titles until the available month given in the catalog.

Books will be sent to school addresses only.


Contacting an Author

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Although we receive a great number of requests, we're not able to release the phone, fax, mailing or email addresses of any of our authors. If you'd like to send a letter to your favorite author, you can do so via a standard letter, addressed as follows:

[name of the author]
c/o Author Mail
Grand Central Publishing
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104


[name of the author]
c/o Author Mail
Little, Brown and Company
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Please understand that it is up to the discretion of the individual author as to whether or not a correspondence will be answered.

Manuscript Submissions and Unsolicited Queries

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Publishers in the Hachette Book Group (including Grand Central Publishing, Orbit, Little, Brown and Company, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Hachette Books, Hachette Nashville) are not able to consider unsolicited manuscript submissions and unsolicited queries. Many major publishers have a similar policy. Unsolicited manuscripts, submissions and queries will not be answered and the publisher will have the right to destroy any unsolicited material or mail without returning to the sender.

If you are interested in having a manuscript considered for publication, we recommend that you first enlist the services of an established literary agent. Many literary agencies can be located in Bowker's Literary MarketPlace (commonly known as the "LMP"), an annual reference publication which can be found in most major libraries. These literary agencies, in turn, have guidelines for submitting manuscripts. You can find out more about the LMP at Literary MarketPlace.

Jacket Art Submissions and Unsolicited Queries

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Hachette Book Group is unable to consider unsolicited jacket art submissions. Unfamiliar packages and letters will be returned to sender unopened.

Lists of Titles by Specific Authors

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If you have read a book and would like to see what else that author has written, or you know the title and want to look up the author's name, please use the search engine at the top of any page to help you find what you're looking for. You can also browse Hachette Book Group by visiting the Browse the Library page.

Reading a Series in the Correct Order

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A lot of people ask to read books by a particular author (i.e., James Patterson's titles) in the order in which they were published. By searching HBGUSA.com for the author, you can bring up a list of all of their titles, or you can email customer.service@hbgusa.com to get publication dates. Please note: for content information (i.e., which Patterson titles relate to a certain series) please contact your sales rep if you are a bookseller or your local library or bookstore if you are an individual consumer.

How Can I Lend My Voice for AudioBook Recording Sessions?

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We appreciate the many inquiries we receive in this area. However, at this time Hachette Audio does not accept unsolicited demos. Hachette Audio uses mainly celebrity readers and industry professionals for our titles, and many times the author reads his or her own work.

How Do You Pick Content for Your AudioBooks?

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Hachette AudioBooks produces audio programs based on best-selling books published by the Hachette Book Group. Gildan Audio, a line of self-help and language learning programs, is a distribution client. Some of the key factors that we consider when choosing our list are: commercial appeal, book sales and promotion, and the genre popularity of topics covering self-help, humor, business, and mainstream fiction.

Copyrights and Permissions Inquiries

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Hachette Book Group permissions are handled by:

The Permissions Company
Attn: Frederick T. Courtright
47 Seneca Road
P.O. Box 604
Mount Pocono, PA 18344
Telephone (570) 839-7477
Fax (570) 839-7448
e-mail: permdude@eclipse.net

If you would like to use part of a book, please fax the details of your request to (570) 839-7448 you may use the PDF form that we provide.

Permission Request Form

Please include:

  • your mailing address
  • title and author of our publication
  • specific quotation/excerpt, including page number(s)
  • your publisher (formal permission is not required until you have secured a publisher)
  • title of your work
  • length of your work
  • estimated print run of first edition
  • publication date
  • area of distribution: U.S. only, North America, world

For classroom use please fax:

  • title and author
  • specific excerpt, including page number(s)
  • estimated number of photocopies to be made

For more information on Copyrights and Permissions Inquires, please email Frederick T. Courtright.


How to determine who holds Domestic and International Rights for individual titles.

Please visit our Rights page where you can find current Domestic and International Rights catalogs, in addition to a complete backlist catalog. Click Here to go to the Rights Page.

Sub-Rights Inquiries

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For sub-rights (serial rights for magazines and newspapers, audiobook licensing, British and translation rights, dramatic rights, and large-print book rights), please send the information above and your request to:

Little, Brown and Company (including Bulfinch and Orbit):
International Rights Questions - international.rights@littlebrown.com
Domestic Rights Questions - domestic.rights@littlebrown.com

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
International and Domestic Rights Questions - rights@lbchildrens.com

Grand Central Publishing (including Springboard Press, Twelve, FaithWords, and Center Street):
International Rights Questions - international.rights@grandcentralpublishing.com Domestic Rights Questions - domestic.rights@grandcentralpublishing.com

Publisher's Release Form

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If you require a Publisher’s Release Form, please e-mail your requests to Diana Gonzalez at diana.gonzalez@hbgusa.com or fax at (212) 364-0934.  We will send you Hachette Book Group’s standard Publisher’s Release Form.  Please be sure to include the following to your request:

  • Producer Name
  • Title of Book
  • Author

Publicity: Booking an Author Event, Promotions, and Review Copies

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Hachette Book Group sales and publicity departments are busy coordinating author appearances every day and our website is current with this information. You will find author appearance information on the Authors' Lounge. If you would like to schedule a date with one of our authors, please email the details of your request including:

  • the author's name
  • the name and location of your bookstore or organization
  • the type of event you would like to arrange

to one of the contacts listed below

For inquiries regarding Grand Central Publishing, Mystery, Springboard Press and Orbit authors and titles: grandcentralpublishing@hbgusa.com

For inquiries regarding Little Brown, Bulfinch and Back Bay authors and titles:

For inquiries regarding Hachette Book Group AudioBooks authors and titles:

For inquiries regarding Hyperion:

For inquiries regarding Little Brown Books for Young Readers' authors and titles: publicity@lbchildrens.com

For inquiries regarding Center Street titles:

For inquiries regarding FaithWords titles:

For inquiries regarding Twelve titles:

Should you prefer to send a letter and/or additional materials about the event or your organization, please address them to Hachette Book Group c/o Grand Central Publishing; Little, Brown; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; or Hachette Book Group AudioBooks:

Publicity Department 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104

Any individual or company interested in initiating a co-promotion or publicity idea with Grand Central Publishing or Little, Brown should contact grandcentralpublishing@hbgusa.com or publicity@littlebrown.com

If you are a freelancer or are on staff with a periodical (either printed or online) and you would like a complimentary review copy of one of our titles, please email your request to grandcentralpublishing@hbgusa.com, publicity@littlebrown.com or twelve.books@hbgusa.com. Please be sure to include:

  • your contact information
  • specific information about your publication
  • circulation numbers
  • background of your readership

Titles Not Found on the Site

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When a title goes out of print, it means that it is no longer being printed. One cannot purchase this title from the publisher any longer. The only way to obtain a book that is Out of Print is to search for it at a used book store. Also, many online booksellers offer searches for out of print titles as well. One can also Contact The Author who may be able to offer suggestions on how to obtain his/her book. For more information about books that are out of print, please contact customer.service@hbgusa.com for remainders and overstock. Please understand that inventory holds titles for a finite period of time and then they are destroyed; however, each title's fate is determined on a case-by-case basis.

At this time, we present specific information about each of our new and newly reissued titles roughly three to four weeks prior to its formal publication date. On the Coming Soon page, we post the title, author, price, and cover for selected titles up to four months in advance.

How to subscribe to eNewsletters

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Subscribe to any or all of Hachette Book Group’s e-newsletters.  Visit the newsletter subscribe page for details.

Problems Viewing the Site/Technical Problems

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Please contact website feedback at websitefeedback@hbgusa.com with details of your issue and someone will get back with you within 24 - 48 hours.

Old Content/Error Messages

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Error messages arise from a wide variety of causes. In some cases, they arise due to "server overload," caused by an exceptional number of simultaneous requests from users such as you. Should you receive an error message or a page looks old or stale, please try clicking on the "RELOAD" or "REFRESH" button on your browser and please always back up (to the previous page) and try the link a second time. In some cases, this will resolve the problem.

Christian Division of Hachette Book Group

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Why did Hachette Book Group start a Christian publishing program?
Some of the country's most popular books in recent years have been Christian titles. The Left Behind Series (40 million copies sold) and The Prayer of Jabez (10 million copies sold) have dominated secular bestseller lists. Christian authors like Jan Karon, Jerry Jenkins, John C. Maxwell, T. D. Jakes, and Bruce Wilkinson have huge followings. Their books are carried by mainstream retailers as well as Christian bookstores. As a result, several New York houses have entered this market.

Why does Hachette Book Group have a separate division for Christian titles?
Publishing books for the Christian audience is similar in many ways to publishing for the general audience. The editorial, marketing and sales functions operate in much the same way, but there are many subtle differences. First, the editorial content requires an understanding of Christian theology and worldview. Christian books, even novels, emphasize a spiritual message and context. Second, Christian titles are also marketed through religious media (television, radio and periodicals). Third, Christian books are sold in religious bookstores, in addition to general market retailers. There are approximately 2,000 Christian stores nationwide, most of whom belong to the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). Thus, separate editorial, marketing and sales expertise and focus are needed to reach this audience.

Who handles Hachette Book Group's sales into the Christian retail market?
Customers can use our Boston Customer Service for ordering: Phone: 800-759-0190; Fax: 800-286-9471 and E-mail: customer.service@hbgusa.com.

Where are the offices for this program?
FaithWords/Center Street,
12 Cadillac Drive, Suite 480 Brentwood, TN 37027

Does Hachette Book Group use a separate imprint for its Christian books?
Books that are specifically and exclusively written for Christian audiences are identified with the FaithWords imprint. However, many Christian authors today are writing for a broader audience and those books are published under the Center Street or Hachette Book Group imprints. The determination is based on the content and intended audience of the manuscript. In addition, Hachette Book Group has the Walk Worthy Press imprint for the Christian African American market.

How many titles are published each year?
Hachette Book Group is publishing approximately 35 titles this year for the Christian audience.

Does this program include fiction and non-fiction?
The catalog is divided almost equally between fiction and non-fiction.

Are there any categories that are currently excluded from the program?
We are currently not publishing gift, reference, children's, or poetry books.

What is the procedure for submitting a manuscript?
Hachette Book Group guidelines apply for the Christian program. Please consult the Manuscript Submissions section of Frequently Asked Questions.

Forever Imprint of Grand Central Publishing

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What is Forever?
Launched in January 2003, it is the Grand Central Publishing imprint for showcasing original romance novels published in mass market.

What kinds of romances are published by Forever?
A wide range to suit a variety of tastes, from contemporary to historical, dramatic to lighthearted, romantic suspense to paranormal.

How many titles does Forever publish?
Twenty-four a year, two a month.

Are the authors brand new or have they been published before?
A combination of both. Our primary consideration is whether the author is a dazzling storyteller who can captivate the reader's imagination.

Do you accept submissions from non-agented authors?
Due to the volume of submissions we receive, Forever will no longer accept query letters, proposals, or manuscripts from unagented authors. Unsolicited materials will be returned upon receipt.

Editions and Other Copyright Page Information

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On the copyright page of books, "First edition" means that this is the first time the book has been published. The numbers below that counting down from 10 indicate the number of the current printing, identified by the lowest number. For example, if a book carries the line "First edition" and the numbers below are 10 9 8 7, that indicates the seventh printing of the first edition.

Movie Plans for Titles

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Want to know if one of our titles is going to be made into a movie? Or which movie(s) in the theaters or on video were originally books from the Hachette Book Group? Send an inquiring email about a specific title to domestic.rights@grandcentralpublishing.com or domestic.rights@littlebrown.com.

Employment Opportunities (including Internships)

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We appreciate your interest in Hachette Book Group and invite you to explore career opportunities with us.

To learn more about working at HBG, please click here to visit the careers page of the Hachette Business Portal..

To search current open positions, please click here to go to our online tool, where you can browse open jobs, search by criteria, and submit your resume to apply for a specific position.

Locations Outside the Continental U.S.

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Hachette Book Group has offices overseas. They are:

Hachette UK
Carmelite House
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0)203 122 6000
Facsimile: +44(0)20 7911 8100
Email: info@littlebrown.co.uk
Hachette Book Group
3rd Floor, Corporate Place
23 Fredman Drive
Sandown, Sandton 2196
Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 783701
Sandton 2146
South Africa
2711 783-7565
2711 883-6866

Requests from U.K. Websites

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The Astrology Zone

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This website is no longer hosted by Pathfinder. The Astrology Zone can now be found at http://www.astrologyzone.com/

Formerly Published CD-ROM Titles

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We no longer publish CD-ROM or Floppy disk titles previously published by Time Warner Electronic Publishing. For inquiries about CD-ROMs, please go to http://www.southpeak.com/.