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Saunders, Gerda (1729771)
Saunders, Gerda (1729771)

Gerda Saunders

emigrated to the United States from South Africa in
1984. In 1996 she received a PhD in English from the University of Utah, where
she later served as associate director of the Gender Studies Program. Saunders
is the author of the short story collection Blessings
on the Sheep Dog
. She has spoken with the BBC and The Huffington Post
about living with dementia, and is the subject of a series of short films being
produced by VideoWest and featured on Slate.

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Memory's Last Breath

Memory's Last Breath

by Gerda Saunders

"[A] courageous and singular book."---Andrew Solomon

In the tradition of Brain on Fire and When Breath Becomes Air, Gerda Saunders' Memory's Last Breath is an unsparing, beautifully written memoir--a true-life Still Alice that captures Saunders' experience as a fiercely intellectual person living with the knowledge that her brain ...

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