CODE GIRLS: Stories – Helen Post Kent


Helen Post Kent

You may enjoy knowing a little bit about my mother. Her maiden name was Helen Post Kent. She graduated from Goucher College in 1943, and was friends with other Goucher recruits mentioned in your book. In fact, her bridesmaids were all Goucher WAVES. Mom told me she had to get official permission not to have to wear her uniform for her wedding day.
After her training, she was stationed at Pearl Harbor doing codebreaking until VJ Day, while my father finished out the War in Europe. After the War, she went on to a distinguished career as a private school history teacher. She is 95 now, and sadly, had battled with Alzheimer’s disease these last 15 years.
As you know, these women were sworn to absolute secrecy in what they were doing and had done, so I never learned much about what she actually did.
Thank you so much for telling this story. Even though my mother is not aware enough to be able to appreciate your book, I am so very grateful.
Gillian Longley