Affluence Intelligence

Earn More, Worry Less, and Live a Happy and Balanced Life


By Stephen Goldbart

By Joan Indursky DiFuria

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We have just come through the worst recession many of us have ever seen, and in times like these, it’s tempting to think that just having more money would solve our problems. Indeed, it is also widely believed that how wealthy you are is a result of external factors, such as job promotions or good investments. But the surprising truth is that affluence is actually based on a certain way of thinking, one which has never before been discussed. Now, after years of working with clients of all backgrounds–including billionaires–psychologists Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria reveal the little-known concept of “Affluence Intelligence,” a mindset that makes people not just wealthy but deeply fulfilled.

The book includes a test to determine your Affluence Intelligence Quotient (AIQ), and a step-by-step program to raise that AIQ in just three months, for more money, more security, and more joy. Affluence Intelligence is for everyone who suspects they are devoting too much time to worrying about finances and too little time to living life.

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    Affluence Intelligence lays out a three-month plan that leads to achievement of lofty goals, recognizing and living priorities, and enjoying a greater sense of possibility…Goldbart and Difuria have turned what sometimes seems an insurmountable obstacle into an enjoyable adventure. Affluence Intelligence helps readers get a grip on the worry and anxiety and transform fear into power. The program outlined here is concrete and perhaps revolutionary, with the potential to redirect an ages-old but dead-end paradigm into a satisfying and productive road trip to a worthy and fulfilling destination.”Publishers Weekly, 11/7/11
    “Readers will find this to be a refreshing take on personal finance, psychology, and self-help.”San Francisco Book Review/Sacramento Book Review, 11/3/11
    “Because the writing and the examples are approachable, especially during the current economic climate, Affluence Intelligence is a thorough tool that can help bring balance, focus, and perhaps happiness, instead of financial worries.”Midwest Book Review, January 2012
    “Recommended for any inspirational collection.”

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Oct 25, 2011
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Stephen Goldbart

About the Author

Fifteen years ago, Stephen Goldbart, PhD, and Joan DiFuria, MFCC, co-founded the Money Meaning and Choices Institute (MMCI) — a company dedicated to helping clients maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of wealth. They each live with their families in northern California.

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