Daddy Said a Word I Never Heard


By Scott M. Cohn

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In the companion to Daddy Sat on a Duck, author/illustrator Scott M. Cohn gives readers another look at a true-to-life daddy story that shows the real life struggles of families whose Daddy’s have a potty mouth!

Daddies know all kinds of fun words, but how can a kid know which words are good and which ones are BAD? In this refreshingly authentic story that will resonate with every modern family, one little girl takes Daddy’s accidental language lessons to school…and learns a very different lesson from her teacher!


  • Praise for Daddy Said a Word I Never Heard:
    "Sure to be a giggle-provoking conversation starter for kids who have mockingbird tendencies."—Kirkus Reviews
  • Praise for Daddy Sat on a Duck:
"The digital illustrations reinforce the girl's misconceptions to comedic effect and emphasize the genuine affection between father and child. Clearly, he is perfect in her eyes, despite his penchant for walking around the house in his underpants and questionable singing ability. This is an amusing debut, with another story about this oh-so-natural daddy due later in the year."—Booklist
  • "I can pretty much guarantee a few giggles will occur when reading this book, and that's probably because more than a few readers will relate. Recommended for families whose dads like to live a bit on the 'wild' side."—
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    Scott M. Cohn

    About the Author

    Scott M. Cohn is author of Daddy Sat on a Duck, and the cofounder of the New York City ad agency, Night Agency. He lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters.

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