Make Them Sorry

Make Them Sorry

In the third Camaro Espinoza thriller, a case of stalking in Miami turns out to be more complicated–and deadly–than it seems.

Camaro Espinoza’s life in Miami is simple: Piloting charter fishing trips, fighting at the gym, drinking heavily at the bar. But there are two minor annoyances for Camaro, a loner by nature–annoyances named Detective Ignacio Montellano, Miami PD homicide, who wants to be her friend for some reason; and Faith Glazer, an accountant with a stalker, who wants Camaro’s help in learning self-defense.

When the stalker’s escalating behavior turns confrontational, Faith is prepared to defend herself. But this wasn’t a run-of-the-mill stalker, it turns out: he’s been sent by someone who wants Faith dead. Neither Camaro nor Montellano really trusts the other, they each launch their own investigations of the man. The more they learn, the more dangerous things get: federal informants, money-launderers, drug cartels, and worse.

But whenever things get dangerous, that’s when Camaro–the “female Jack Reacher” (The Toronto Star)–is at her best, with a singular talent for making her enemies sorry they ever considered crossing her path.
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Genre: Mystery & Thriller / Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

On Sale: August 7th 2018

Price: $13.99

Page Count: 336

ISBN-13: 9780316559416

What's Inside

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"Hard-boiled action... Tougher than an army boot.... It's deeply satisfying to watch her."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review
"[Camaro] comes across in style as a female Jack Reacher . . . A winner for a wide crime fiction audience."—Jack Batten, Toronto Star
"A protagonist that'll light up the literary seascape unlike anything before."—Craig Johnson, bestselling author of the Walt Longmire mysteries, the basis for Netflix's Longmire