A Brief History of Video Games


By Richard Stanton

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This Brief History provides a unique look at the history and culture of video games, starting with the 1960s classics like Pong to modern favorites such as Grand Theft Auto V and Bioshock. Focusing on creative and scientific advances between 1962 and today, A Brief History of Video Games offers a global perspective on gaming’s past and its cutting-edge future with the evolution of virtual reality, 3D graphics, and thought-interface technology. It also addresses the design process from concept to packaging, considers the influence of manga and anime, and explores the relationship between video games and movies.


  • Illustrated with full-color photography and screenshots on virtually every page, A Brief History of Video Games: The Evolution of a Global Industry is a researched, plain-spoken, and thoroughly accessible chronicle of video games as a pop culture phenomenon turned major creative industry. From the earliest arcade games, to the rise and fall of Atari, the industry resurrection driven by Nintendo, the proliferation of handheld systems, the more recent surge in mobile (smartphone) gaming, and more, A Brief History of Video Games is an edifying whirlwind tour of market forces, creative geniuses, and spectacular business successes and failures. [a] "must-read" for serious minded game historians and curious video game connoisseurs alike!
    --Midwest Book Review

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Jul 14, 2015
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Richard Stanton

About the Author

Richard Stanton is a video game journalist who was the features editor at Edge magazine and has written about video games for the Guardian, Polygon, the New Statesman, and others. He lives in Bath, England.

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