The Helping Sweater

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By Rachel Más Davidson

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Follow along as Maya spreads joy through random acts of kindness in this vibrant and heartwarming book celebrating empathy and community. 

It's finally cold enough for Maya to wear her favorite sweater! But when her cat pulls a thread loose, her beloved sweater quickly begins to unravel. Maya is heartbroken, but she doesn't have time to fix it before school. She starts to realize that maybe her sweater can help other people–and that's when the magic begins! Maya uses her sweater to help folks in her community throughout the day. But of course, what goes around, comes around and when Maya needs help, someone comes to her rescue. The Helping Sweater is an accessible, uplifting picture book with an engaging heroine and an empathetic message. 


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Nov 12, 2024
Page Count
40 pages

Rachel Más Davidson

About the Author

Rachel Más Davidson is a Cuban-American illustrator who has a range of wonderfully colorful and commercial art. She has taught art for kids for twelve years as both a public school educator and private art instructor. She lives with her husband and sometime co-author in Austin, Texas.

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