The Book You Want Everyone You Love to Read

Sane And Sage Advice to Help You Navigate All of Your Most Important Relationships


By Philippa Perry

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From author of the million-copy international bestselling The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, psychotherapist Philippa Perry helps you with managing all the other important relationships and connections in your life with compassion and a healthy dose of sanity.

Life is all about relationships and the quality of those connections, whether that's with family, partners, friends, colleagues or most importantly yourself. If you can get those relationships in balance, then the other tricky stuff that life throws your way becomes easier to manage.

In this warm, practical and witty book, international bestselling psychotherapist Philippa Perry shows you how to approach life's biggest problems:
How do you find and keep love?
What can you do to manage conflict better?
How can you get unstuck and cope with change and loss?
What does it mean to you to be content?
Are other people just annoying, or are you the problem?

With a healthy dose of sanity, Philippa Perry's compassionate advice helps readers become happier, and wiser too.

  • “A wise companion for life’s challenges.”
    Kirkus Reviews

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Oct 17, 2023
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Philippa Perry

About the Author

PHILIPPA PERRY, artist and psychotherapist, is an agony aunt for Observer Magazine, a freelance writer, and a TV and radio presenter. Her No.1 Sunday Times bestselling book The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read was published in 2019 and has been translated into over 40 languages. She has written two other books: Couch Fiction and How to Stay Sane. Lady Perry lives in London with her husband Sir Grayson and their cat The Honourable Kevin.

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