Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child

Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports


By Kelley Coleman

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The honest, relatable, actionable roadmap to the practicalities of parenting a disabled child, featuring personal stories, expert interviews, and the foundational information parents need to know about topics including diagnosis, school, doctors, insurance, financial planning, disability rights, and what life looks like as a parent caregiver.
For parents of disabled children, navigating the systems, services, and supports is a daunting, and often overwhelming, task. No one explains to parents how to figure out the complex medical, educational, and social service systems essential to their child’s success. Over and over, parents are being asked to reinvent the exact same wheels.
According to the CDC, “Every 4 ½ minutes a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States.” That’s 1 in 33. There’s no handbook for how to do this. Until now.
Presented with empathy and humor, Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports gives parents the tools to conquer the stuff, so that they can spend less time filling out forms, and more time loving their children exactly as they are. With over a decade of experience navigating these systems for her own child, author Kelley Coleman presents key information, templates, and wisdom alongside practical advice from over 40 experts, covering topics such as diagnosis, working with your medical team, insurance, financial planning, disability rights and advocacy, and individualized education plans. Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child gives parents the tools they need to stop wasting unnecessary time, money, and stress. If you need to know how to actually do the things, this book is for you.


  • “This book should be mandatory reading for all families of children with disabilities, regardless of age or disability type. It positions itself in a way that families should model, a position of listening and learning. What a gift!”
    Rebecca Cokley, U.S. Disability Rights Program Officer, the Ford Foundation (and mom of 3)
  • “When your child receives a diagnosis of disability, most parents feel overwhelmed and confused about how to handle things. In her new book, Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child, Kelley Coleman breaks it down, explaining everything you need to know in an accessible way. If you don't yet have a best friend or family member who has travelled this path and can advise you, her counsel will be invaluable.”
    Kelly Fradin, MD, Director of Pediatrics at the Atria Institute in New York City, and author of Advanced Parenting
  • Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child is the book I wish my mom had when I became disabled at the age of 9. It's a practical guide that highlights the necessity of firsthand disabled expertise, encouraging parents to involve their children in decisions about their own lives, even from an early age. This is wisdom for all parents who are raising the next generation of disabled leaders.”
    Tiffany Yu, CEO and Founder of Diversability and author of The Anti-Ableist Manifesto (Hachette Go, 2024)
  • “I wish this book was around 17 years ago when our son was diagnosed with epilepsy.  We had nowhere to turn and nobody to talk to about it. We caregivers owe Kelley a debt of gratitude.”
    Greg Grunberg, Actor, Founder of TalkAboutIt.org
  • “When my boys were diagnosed, both times my husband and I were given a stack of papers, a ‘good luck,’ and a swift quick out the door. We were pretty much on our own. I would have loved a resource like this that could grow with us as my children grew. One that would inform us of all the assistance, materials, programs, and services they could qualify for.”
    Tiffany Hammond, Autistic Advocate, writer/creator of Fidgets and Fries, and author of #1 New York Times Bestseller A Day with No Words

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Kelley Coleman

About the Author

Kelley Coleman is a feature film development executive turned author and disability advocate. She serves on committees for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and Canine Companions. Her book Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services, and Supports stems from her own parenting experience, giving parents the tools to spend less time navigating the stuff and more time just loving their kids exactly as they are. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and her son’s trusty service dog.

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