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I Am Potential

Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780786726684

Price: $9.99 / $12.99 (CAD)

ON SALE: August 25th 2009

Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Religion / Inspirational


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Trade Paperback
Patrick Henry Hughes was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him without eyes and physically disabled. But he was also blessed with exceptional musical talent — able to play the piano as a toddler and now, at age 19, a nationally known pianist, singer, and trumpeter who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Kennedy Center. Currently he’s a member of his college marching band, playing while his devoted father pushes him in his wheelchair. With determined optimism and courage, Hughes has made “I am potential” his mantra and defied the impossible at every turn.

Now, for the first time, Hughes and his father share the full account of his extraordinary journey. In I Am Potential, Hughes recounts the eight critical lessons he has learned that are at the heart of his success, including “When Life Gives You Lemons, Accept Them and Be Grateful” and “Do All You Can to Change What You Can.” Uplifting and revealing, I Am Potential is remarkably inspirational for anyone facing challenges in their own life.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


Blogcritics.org, 8/27/09
“[A] heroic story.”

Blogcritics.org, 8/17/09
“This book is a must read for people with handicapping conditions from birth or from fate. Patrick’s courage and the support given by mother, father, and brothers as he grew older, cannot help but inspire even the most depressed individual to accept a disabling condition and move forward. I Am Potential is fascinating to read…I cannot recommend this book highly enough to the general public who often see people with a handicap as a handicapped person. Patrick has proven the two terms are not equal or even logical.”

Acadiana LifeStyle LA, October 2009
“This story of parental love and a persevering child should lift your spirits and encourage you to discover and pursue your own potential.”

Midwest Book Review, December 2009
“Both a memoir of achievement and an inspirational account perfect for any general library strong in positive 'can-do' guides.”

Alaska Journal of Commerce, 12/13/09
“Any businessperson who needs motivation needs I Am Potential…Not only is this a book that puts things into perspective, but it’s also a darn good story.”

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