One Small Thing Can Make a Difference

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By Natalee Creech

Illustrated by Pablo Pino

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Teach your little ones that their actions—big or small—matter and have the power to make the world a better place with this empowering board book based on Matthew 25.

"When I know a friend is hurting then my heart starts aching too, like it’s asking me a question . . . is there something I can do?"

This inspiring board book explores themes of compassion and empathy, encouraging children to take positive action when they see a need in the world around them. From big things—like helping to plant a community garden or trying to find a home for an animal in need—to small things—like making a card or welcoming someone new—there is always something we can do! The book's lyrical refrain will stick with kids long after the book is closed: "If there’s something that you notice, there is something you can do. Keep your kindness radar working—maybe something starts with you!" Immerse your little one in a world of kindness and hope with this gorgeously illustrated offering from Natalee Creech.

  • Told in bouncy rhymes, this upbeat book urges readers to do something—well, various somethings—to demonstrate kindness, helpfulness, compassion, and neighborliness. “Others,” the book suggests, include relatives, friends, neighbors, members of one’s community, and animals. Kids are reminded that tuning in to one’s “kindness radar” doesn’t require being an adult or having money; children can display empathy and goodwill in simple, no-cost ways and by being observant and creative. The old adage “it’s the thought that counts” is the point—provided the empathic thought is backed up with generosity. Easy, doable examples include helping “an older person water plants or get the mail,” welcoming newcomers to the neighborhood, raking leaves, and washing someone’s car. Some examples of kindness aren’t so easily—or credibly—accomplished by children, however: e.g., setting up a sidewalk adoption station for abandoned pets. Adults sharing this cheery volume should encourage youngsters to volunteer ideas for ways they can be helpful. There’s a Christian slant here: An excerpt from the book of Matthew precedes the opening spread, and references to God and Jesus appear within the text, so this title will be welcome in Christian and Sunday school libraries. The colorful, lively illustrations and occasional, playful variations in font are appealing; background characters demonstrate diversity in skin tone, age, and body shape. A chipper reminder that something can add up to a whole lot.
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Jan 14, 2025
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Natalee Creech

About the Author

Natalee Creech is a former teacher and current librarian who enjoys bringing Scripture to life through rhyme. During her twelve years as a teacher in South Korea, she discovered that poetry and songs helped her students learn English. When she couldn't find anything suitable to teach a specific concept, she would write it herself. Her first book, Nothing: Nothing Can Separate You from God, was a Christian Book Award finalist.

Pablo Pino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he grew up watching cartoons, playing football, and drawing—a lot. These days, he doesn't watch as much TV and only plays football once a week, but he still paints every day. Pablo has been illustrating professionally for more than ten years, and he enjoys illustrating books for children and teenagers the most. Pablo is self-taught and his illustrations are mostly computer drawn, but he always adds textures that he creates with pencils, crayons, acrylics, and pretty much any material that lets him get messy like he did as a child.

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Pablo Pino

About the Illustrator

Vanessa Howl is a writer living in Philadelphia. Her favorite foods are pizza, eggplants, cucumber tomato salad, and all desserts that include lemon.

Pablo Pino grew up watching cartoons, playing football, and drawing a lot. He’s a self-taught illustrator and has illustrated more than forty books. He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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