Natalee Creech

About the Author

Natalee Creech is a former teacher and current librarian who enjoys bringing Scripture to life through rhyme. During her twelve years as a teacher in South Korea, she discovered that poetry and songs helped her students learn English. When she couldn't find anything suitable to teach a specific concept, she would write it herself. Her first book, Nothing: Nothing Can Separate You from God, was a Christian Book Award finalist.

Pablo Pino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he grew up watching cartoons, playing football, and drawing—a lot. These days, he doesn't watch as much TV and only plays football once a week, but he still paints every day. Pablo has been illustrating professionally for more than ten years, and he enjoys illustrating books for children and teenagers the most. Pablo is self-taught and his illustrations are mostly computer drawn, but he always adds textures that he creates with pencils, crayons, acrylics, and pretty much any material that lets him get messy like he did as a child.

By the Author