“If death is part of God’s plan for us, there must be a sacred dimension to it. This special book helps us find that holiness.”–Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Death may be inevitable, but dying alone or in fear does not have to be. Sacred Dying is theologian Megory Anderson’s essential testimonial and handbook for creating a dignified, peaceful, and more sacred end to life. Anderson includes a section with many prayers and poems from various traditions, and shows how to use personalized and creative rituals to help those dying prepare for their death and to bring a sense of peace, reconciliation, and acceptance both to themselves and to the loved ones they leave behind. She discusses all aspects of this final transition, including how to help a dying person put “unfinished business” to rest; using massage to help the dying let go of his or her body; and how to use music to help the dying focus on specific times, places, or events. For this first-ever paperback edition, she adds a chapter on what can be done after death to help move the soul along. Intended for those who are going through the death of a loved one as well as those facing death personally, Sacred Dying facilitates creating a setting where death is experienced as it should be: with honor, respect, and sacredness.

“Place [this book] on a special shelf with a few other books that you can reach for easily when the angel of death passes close. This is one book to keep at hand, because you can be sure that one day you will need it.” — from the foreword by Thomas Moore

“Megory’s work with the dying is not at all surprising. Her own journey has given her the grace to venture with others into the Mystery.” — Madeleine L’Engel, author of A Wrinkle in Time

What's Inside

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