Easy-Care Orchids

Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-250


By Mary Carol Frier

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It’s Never Been Easier to Grow Orchids at Home
Have you heard that orchids are impossible to cultivate? Do you love orchids’ exotic flowers but despair of ever having one survive in your home? Thing again! With simple instructions and straightforward advice from professional orchid grower Mary Carol Frier, you’ll find that orchids can thrive on your home windowsill, rewarding you year after year with gorgeous blooms.
What makes an orchid “easy care”? The six orchids featured in Easy-Care Orchids are surprisingly hardy flowers with minimal maintenance requirements, and they do well in the environmental conditions found in most North American homes. Armed with the basic growing information in this bulletin, you’ll enjoy the unique pleasure of adorning your home with the strange and magical beauty of orchids.

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Mary Carol Frier

About the Author

Mary Carol Frier has been a professional orchid grower for fifteen years. She is the owner of Frier’s Ochids of Chester, New York.

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