Garden to Garden

Through the Bible from Eden to Eternal Paradise

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By Marian Jordan Ellis

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Discover God's redemptive plan for humanity as you embark on a journey from garden to garden—from Eden to eternity.
The Bible tells a singular and unified story. While it contains sixty-six individual books written over thousands of years, it reveals one unified message—the story of how God redeems humanity from sin and death and makes all things new. Scripture is God-breathed. Opening its pages, we discover who we are, why we are here, what happened to us, our eternal destiny, and how we live and breathe from day to day through God's redeeming love and His unconquerable grace.
In Garden to Garden, readers discover how God moved through human history—from the garden of Eden to the promise of eternity—to restore us to His presence. Marian Jordan Ellis, the founder of This Redeemed Life Ministry, walks alongside readers as they journey through the Bible in an entirely fresh and unique way through this collection of short devotional readings that lead the reader through the story arc of God’s great redemptive plan. Readers will come to understand that although the weeds of sin, shame, and blame grow wild in the human heart, our longing for Eden—our true home—always remains.
A holy invitation to know and be known by the Living God, Garden to Garden will enhance your knowledge of God's Word, provide you with a greater understanding of how to flourish in His grace, and reveal how Jesus makes all things new! While echoes of Eden fill the human heart, Garden to Garden points us home, to abide in the glorious and beautiful garden distinguished by the Presence of God.


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Feb 6, 2024
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Marian Jordan Ellis

About the Author

Marian Jordan Ellis is passionate about Jesus, and helping women experience the victorious Christian life. She holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Marian teaches a monthly gathering (TueGather) in San Antonio, Texas, at Mission City Church, where she serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry. (These teachings can be found on YouTube @thisredeemedlife or the TRL App.) Marian’s powerful redemption testimony and her dynamic account of the grace of Christ that radically transformed her life permeates all of her writings and speaking engagements. She’s whole in Christ and ready to tell any ear that will listen! She’s the author of seven books for women, including her latest Bible study, For His Glory: Living as God’s Masterpiece, which is a verse-by-verse study of Ephesians. Marian and her husband, Justin, live in San Antonio, and they have three children:Andrew, Brenden, and Sydney.

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