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How to Create Chemistry with Anyone

75 Ways to Spark It Fast -- and Make It Last

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Jan 1, 2013

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Why do you feel an instant attraction to one person and not another? And how can you help ensure that a connection lasts? With her ability to deliver cutting edge information in a lighthearted style, communications expert Leil Lowndes has made a career of teaching the secrets of successful interaction.

In this book, based on the latest findings in cognitive science, she shows readers how to spark that elusive feeling of chemistry with almost anyone — and sustain it when the relationship moves to the next level, from marriage to parenthood and beyond.

Although chemistry affects nearly every relationship, few people understand it — what initiates it, what destroys it, and what makes it last forever. While genetic makeup and past experiences all play a role, there are many things you can do to influence it.

Ultrapractical, How to Create Chemistry with Anyone turns the complex neurological science of attachment into 75 easy communication strategies and unusual techniques that show readers what to do — and what not to do — to find and keep love.

What's Inside

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Praise, 1/14/13“Whether in love, seeking love or simply trying to understand the science of love and making a lasting connection, romantics will enjoy author Leil Lowndes' new book…The perfect V-Day gift for you and a friend!”, February 2013 “An examination of the chemistry of love, drawing on the latest research in cognitive sciences…[Lowndes] makes it understandable and applicable for anyone looking for long-term love.”

Tucson Citizen, 2/13/13“A practical guide to getting the love you want.”
Toronto Star
, 2/10/13
“Sound tips and good insights.”
Tampa Bay Times
, 2/10/13
“Takes a briskly can-do scientific approach to the neurological, chemical and evolutionary forces that lead us to fall in love.”, 3/21/13“Coolness and a with-it style simply ooze from Lowndes' writing…How to Create Chemistry with Anyone is very entertaining and written in an expertly breezy style.”
Midwest Book Review
, March 2013
“Will be a winner for any general lending library.”

San Francisco Book Review / Sacramento Book Review website, 4/16/13 “Loaded with advice and suggestions for every aspect of romantic relations, from the initial spark to lifelong partnerships, and everything in between.”
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