Soy Sauce!


By Laura G. Lee

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A joyful picture book perfect for kids and foodies of all ages, Soy Sauce! mixes lyrical text, vibrant watercolors, and real soy sauce used as paint into a stunning debut and an imaginative celebration of the iconic kitchen staple and the magical way food connects family and friends across the world.

Salty, savory, rich, and even sweet, soy sauce is as fascinating to make as it is delicious to eat!

Luan makes a classic Chinese soy sauce. Haru uses his own recipe at his family’s traditional Japanese brewery. And Yoo-mi’s Korean soy sauce features special ingredients to make it spicy and sweet.

With unique ingredients that reflect different Asian cultures, and a brewing process that can take years, even decades, soy sauce holds deep meaning and flavorful history in every drop.



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Jan 7, 2025
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40 pages

Laura G. Lee

About the Author

LAURA G. LEE is a second-generation Korean American children’s book author and illustrator, who is passionate about stories that spark our connection to the world and one another. She lives in northern California with her husband, son, and daughter. When she’s not making books, you may find her in her kitchen adding soy sauce to make tasty food even more delicious, or out on a hunt for authentic Korean-Chinese jajangmyeon (a black bean noodle dish popular in 1960s Seoul). You can find her online at or on Instagram: @lauragleestudio.

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