Beyond the Throne

Epic Journeys, Enduring Friendships, and Surprising Tales

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By Kristian Nairn

Read by Kristian Nairn

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Beyond the Throne is the first memoir to share behind‑the‑scenes stories of the perils and triumphs of Game of Thrones—from beloved performer Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor and became one of the most recognizable figures of the global television phenomenon.

The story of an unlikely hero who fulfilled his destiny… Fans will be fascinated by Kristian Nairn’s experience on Game of Thrones, from his unlikely audition to his on-the-job training as an actor to his ascendance as one of the most beloved and pivotal characters on the show. Nairn details the camaraderie that develops as the actors face the elements on set, not entirely unlike the ones their characters must endure on screen, as well as the life-altering effects of worldwide stardom.

Nairn’s personal story—raised by a single mother during the Troubles in Ireland, coming of age as a gay man in Lisburn and Belfast, navigating intolerance, and seeking out his scene—is an epic, often rollicking, sometimes heartbreaking journey all its own. Nairn finds his voice and his confidence performing as a drag queen called Revvlon, and eventually DJing at the legendary nightclub Kremlin. Through the pitfalls and revelations of his creative pursuits, Nairn comes to understand who he really is, and that he is enough—a message that will resonate for anyone who has struggled to find their place.

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Sep 24, 2024
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Kristian Nairn

About the Author

Kristian Nairn is one of Ireland’s most prolific house DJs for the last two decades, now internationally famous for his role as Hodor in Game of Thrones. Nairn’s additional credits include the films The AppearanceRobin Hood: The RebellionMythical: The Godslayer, and the television shows The Rookie and Our Flag Means Death. He lives in Northern Ireland.

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