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The Nine Lessons

A Novel of Love, Fatherhood, and Second Chances

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May 6, 2009

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240 Pages




August Witte is firmly against having children. But after seven years of marriage, his wife is delighted when she realizes she is unexpectedly pregnant. August is terrified, recognizing he never learned the first thing about being a good parent from his father London. A widower since August was a toddler, London has always valued the game of golf — a sport August has never had any talent for — more than his son.

In spite of how he hates the game, when August confronts his father, he finds himself agreeing to meet each month of the pregnancy for a round of golf. In exchange, London will give him the only thing that could make August agree to pick up a club again — memories of his mother, which he has written on golf scorecards since the day he met her. But August quickly realizes that his father’s motive is not to teach him about golf, but to teach him about life — and he may discover that the old man just might know something about it worth sharing.

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"No book has ever inspired me more to be a better father, son, and husband . . .Simply put, The Nine Lessons is a book every father and son should read. You will reflect on its powerful message long after the book returns to the shelf. Guaranteed."—Jason Wright, 'New York Times' bestselling author of 'Christmas Jars' and 'The Wednesday Letters'
"The Paper Bag Christmas is one of the most inspiring and emotionally endearing books I've ever read."—Shirley Howard, President, The Children's Cancer Foundation
"[An] affable yuletide yarn...The story is unexpectedly heartwarming, and Milne mostly avoids sap while delivering his warm fuzzies and dashes of Christmas hope and magic."—Publishers Weekly on "The Paper Bag Christmas"
"The Paper Bag Christmas reads like a Christmas classic -- warm, funny, sweet, inspiring, humbling, and nostalgic."—Debra Paulk, Gift Basket Review
"The Paper Bag Christmas is the rare kind of story that makes your eyes teary while your heart smiles. I was truly moved."—Jason Wright, 'New York Times' bestselling author of 'Christmas Jars' and 'The Wednesday Letters'
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