Hey, I Love You

Bookmark Your Way to a Remarkable Marriage


By Kelly Sopp

Illustrated by David Sopp

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From the author and illustrator behind the perennial bestseller SAFE BABY HANDLING TIPS comes this cleverly-designed book that helps couples express their affection and vulnerability in a fun way. 

Despite all the modern ways we have to communicate, why is it still so tough to talk to each other sometimes? Hey, I Love You shares ten principles to creating a loving, lasting relationship. But more importantly, it's a device for implementing those principles, each and every day.

The book is a conversation. Simply place the bookmark on the page that expresses what you want to say, or speaks the words you wish you had the courage to. Then leave the book in an obvious place for your partner to discover. With dozens of thoughtfully written expressions, you can say just about anything your heart desires: whether that's a compliment, something to cheer them up, apologize, or flag an issue you've been avoiding. In our hectic and distracted world, sometimes we need a simple, dare we say analog way to help us communicate. Hey, I Love You can be that delightfully unexpected conduit that can get you really talking again and on the way to a more loving, happy marriage.

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Nov 2, 2021
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192 pages
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Kelly Sopp

Kelly Sopp

About the Author

Kelly Sopp (author) and David Sopp (illustrator) are the founders of Wry Baby, a small yet mighty company that sells baby merchandise featuring their unique sense of humor. Their previous books include the perennial bestseller Safe Baby Handling Tips, as well as Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips and The New Parents' Fun Book. They live in Mooresville, NC. 

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David Sopp

David Sopp

About the Illustrator

David and Kelly Sopp are the founders of Wry Baby, a small company that sells baby merchandise featuring their unique sense of humor. They are dedicated to making parenting extra fun and have done so with their books Safe Baby Handling Tips, Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips, and The New Parents’ Fun Book. They live in Mooresville, NC.

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