Failing America's Faithful

How Today's Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way


By Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

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Blending inspirational memoir with a religious and political rebuke of American Christianity, the oldest daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy delivers a rousing call to arms for spiritual renewal.

For too long, religion has been a political plaything of the right-wing in this country. American churches seem more concerned with what people do with their bodies than with their souls. Now, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend issues a spiritual call to arms to those who feel like her that today’s churches—Catholic and Protestant alike—are failing to promote the welfare of those who depend upon them. After recounting her personal story in one of the most prominent Catholic families in America, she shows how America’s neediest are now forgotten while their churches fight political battles against abortion rights and homosexual marriages. She provides hope through powerful examples of individuals effecting change, from obscure social workers to The Purpose-Driven® Life’s Rick Warren, and maintains that our individual actions can return our churches to their traditional role as shepherds to their flock.


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Mar 1, 2007
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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

About the Author

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend gives voice to millions of frustrated Americans who have become alienated from their churches because they no longer feel that they speak for their deepest concerns and values.

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