Tonight, I Burn


By Katharine J. Adams

Read by Kristin Atherton

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A thorn witch with the power to walk between the realms of Life and Death finds herself at the center of a magical rebellion—and a dangerous romance—that could destroy her coven and her soul in this dark and decadent debut. 
Thorns, Tides, Embers, Storms, and Ores. All five covens are bound in servitude to the tyrant High Warden of Halstett. 

Penny Albright is a daughter of the thorn coven, forced to patrol the veil between the realms of Life and Death. Each night, one thorn witch—and only one—must cross the veil by burning at the stake. Each morning, that witch draws on their magic to return. Failure to follow the rules risks the veil and risks them all.

But one morning, Penny's favorite sister Ella doesn't return. And that night, determined to find her, Penny breaks the rules. She burns in secret. And she discovers that all isn’t as it seems in Life or Death. 
Her journey leads her to Malin, a devastating lord with too many secrets; to Alice, a mysterious captive prophet; and to a rebellion brewing in the shadows beneath the city. And as Penny's world splits, she’ll face a devastating choice. Because it’s not just her sister’s life that hangs in the balance. It’s the fate of all magic. 

All it takes is one witch—and one spark—to set the world ablaze.


  • "I absolutely loved the witchcraft of Tonight, I Burn. The death magic , secrets, and sisterhood of the Thorn Witch Coven ensnared me immediately. Highly recommended for all lovers of magical fantasies."
    Kendare Blake, New York Times bestselling author of the Three Dark Crowns series
  • "Wickedly enchanting. Katharine J. Adams has crafted a spell of a book, with romance, betrayal, and mystery smoldering on every page. Readers will burn with Penny every step of the way."
    Heather Walter, author of the Malice duology
  • "Tonight, I Burn kept me turning pages with fascinating magic, compelling dark fairytale vibes, and heart-wrenching plot twists. I can’t wait for the next one!”
    Melissa Caruso, author of the Swords and Fire and Rooks and Ruin series
  • "Katharine J. Adams weaves a captivating debut out of life and death, darkness and light, and truth and lies. Romance, rebellion, and a twisting and turning plot will keep readers engaged to the last page of Tonight, I Burn!"
    Rowenna Miller, author of The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill
  • “Readers will find themselves at the center of a magical rebellion and delight in the power of many kinds of love. A hard-fought ending sets the stage for a sequel that impatient readers will crave.”
  • "[A] gripping debut....Penny’s wry voice brings some fun to Adams’s dark but impactful worldbuilding, while plenty of twists keep the pages turning. Fans of gothic fantasies will be hooked."
    Publishers Weekly

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Nov 7, 2023
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Katharine J. Adams

About the Author

Katharine J. Adams is an English fantasy writer based in New Zealand. You can find her tucked away in her office in the wee small hours of the morning while the rest of the house sleeps. No matter where she is, she’s never happier than in those moments when her writing truly takes her away, and she’s in a realm where witches burn, the future is spun from silk, and Death is more than it seems.

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