Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die


By Karol Jackowski

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Once you get your hands on this heavenly book you won’t be able to resist its inspirational instructions on how to live life — like you have nothing to lose.Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die blends humor, insight, and wisdom in a way that’s accessible and irresistible. Nothing exhilarates and sends the soul soaring more than having the best time ever — so much so that face muscles ache from such hearty laughter, writes author Karol Jackowski, a nun for more than 35 years. May you have millions of such laughs. Time rarely gets more divine that that. Featuring whimsical illustrations and pointers on how to rediscover a fulfilling life — including how to treat yourself, get some depth, and make yourself interesting — Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die is a boundless well of enthusiasm and encouragement. It’s a deceptively simple guide to life — and a way to rediscover the power of wry humor, humanity, and faith.


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Mar 8, 2000
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112 pages
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Karol Jackowski

About the Author

Karol Jackowski, a nun for more than 35 years, is now a member of the Sisters for Christian Community. She is also currently chief operating officer for a small chain of specialty gift shops called ALPHABETS in New York City. She lives in Manhattan

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