Whether you’re looking for entry-level work, short-term job experience that can lead to a satisfying career, or a specific, advertised job, the ability to convince a prospective employer of your abilities -on paper and in person-will be crucial to your success. Nail the Job gives you the competitive edge with tips and advice for the job search: –From insipid to inspired: what constitutes a winning cover letter–How to write a targeted, knock-’em dead réméHow to leave perfect voice-mail and e-mail messages–What you need to know about your potential employer and how to use that knowledge to ask smart, insightful questions–Cocky versus confident: how best to articulate your desire to get a specific job–What to wear-and what not to wear-to an interview and understanding what your body language says about you–How to work with a headhunter–How to make a great impression in the first ninety days on the jobvisit http://www.mbajungle.com

What's Inside

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