The Little Encyclopedia of Enchanted Woodland Creatures

An A-to-Z Guide to Mythical Beings of the Forest

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By Jason Lancaster

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Running the gamut from A-to-Z and spanning the globe from the forest glens of Romania to the mountain aeries of Colorado, The Little Encyclopedia of Enchanted Woodland Creatures brings together all the most magical creatures of the forest.

Naughty and nice, real and fictional, the menagerie of creatures included in this book encompass multiple world mythologies and cultures. This little encyclopedia features more than 90 famous woodland creatures from around the world, including:
  • Andvari—a magical ring wearing dwarf from Norse Mythology who lives under a waterfall 
  • Baba Yaga—one of the most potent witches in all of folklore, said to live deep in the Russian forest
  • Glawackus—a fearsome creature of the American woods that looks like a mix between a bear, a lion, and a panther
  • Sasabonsam—creatures from Ghanaian folklore with red hair and iron teeth who are said to feast on those who wander past their forest home
Also filled with descriptions of other powerful forest beings like dryads, fauns, elves, and gnomes, this information-packed guide includes gorgeous line drawings throughout.

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Oct 1, 2024
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144 pages
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Jason Lancaster

About the Author

Jason Lancaster is a lover of folklore and a teacher in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys exploring the enchanted forests of the Pacific Northwest.

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